4 Awesome Things That Make a Fashion Statement

Fashions and trends change every decade, every year, even every month. If you want to stay fashionable, you have to keep up with the constant changes that take place.

Staying on trend is important when you want to make a statement, but it isn’t always easy when you don’t have the right tools. You have to not only know just what to wear, but how to act and the hobbies that are cool to have.

While bell bottoms and beepers are no longer on the list of things to have to make a statement, plenty of other hot items are on the market to boost your style.

These four trends will help you make the fashion statement you want every day.

1. Exercise & Drink More Water

Healthy living is trendy right now. Not only will you fit in by getting into a workout regime and hydrating, but you will also feel better about yourself.

It’s easy to set yourself a schedule for hitting the gym or doing at-home workouts, but it isn’t always easy to stick to it. Motivate yourself by wearing clothes that you love so you feel more confident and ready to get in the zone.

Another important accessory for any gym rat is a functional and stylish water bottle to stay hydrated. Any trendy bottle, especially the Kool8 reusable water bottle, will make a statement while you are working out or hydrating at any point throughout the day.

Its sleek, ergonomic design make it useful during all of your daily activities. 

Since it is a reusable water bottle, carrying the Kool8 bottle will show that you care about the environment. You can be part of the movement to reduce plastic waste on the planet!

Aside from how useful it is and how gorgeous it will look as part of your daily outfit, Kool8 also offers plenty of benefits because of how well it is designed.

It can keep both cold and hot beverages at the desired temperature throughout a workout or during a day in the office. It is also very durable, so you will never have to worry about scratches and dings on the brightly colored exterior.

Choose red, blue or lime green to really make a statement wherever you go. Keep up with the hottest trend by working out and looking fashionable while doing it!

2. A Custom Star Map from Twinkle In Time

The way you decorate your room or home says a lot about how fashionable and on-trend you are. Mass-produced wall art might be beautiful, but why buy an average piece of artwork when you can get something made just for you?

Don’t let the usually pricey word “custom” scare you. There are ways to do custom right and still not break the bank.

The custom decor that Twinkle In Time produces is out of this world – literally! It looks amazing and will be an eye-catcher on the wall of any room.

Through Twinkle In Time, you can capture a moment through the stars in the sky. You can enter a date and a location that is significant to you and Twinkle In Time will show you how the night sky looked at that moment.

It is a simplistic yet powerful visual statement full of meaning. Consider creating a custom print of a place that has a special place in your heart, like where you met your significant other or your childhood home.

These beautiful prints can also make great gifts to keep your closest friends in-fashion as well. Think of how much your best friend will love seeing the stars at the moment you became friends!

Don’t let the decorations in your home fall flat compared to how you look on a daily basis. Fill your walls with impressive art to let people know how fashionable you are.

3. Colorful Dinnerware to Match Your Personality

Everything in your home, from the curtains to the carpets, tells your guests something about you. Neutral colors could mean a boring person, while vibrant colors could indicate a whimsical personality and muted pastels could show sophistication.

A fun way to show your dinner guests or any visitors that you are in style is through the dinnerware you serve your bounty on.

Colored dinnerware was included in Giftwits article “52 Best Wedding Gift Ideas” because people just love fun dishes! Paper plates are wasteful, and plain white dishes don’t say anything about who you are.

A dinnerware set that comes in your favorite color or contains a floral design could impress your guests and let them see how much you care about every detail.

It is a great idea to also serve drinks and coffee in matching cups and mugs to keep the style consistent.

Express your style through everything you own, including something as simple as the dishes you eat off of. These make a great impression on anyone you host.

4. A Minimalist Watch 

Modern designs are all the rage right now with their clean lines and simply neutral color palettes.

It might be time to ditch that old bulky watch for a sleeker, more comfortable time-telling device. In their article “39 Amazing Gifts That Will Make Your Favorite Woman Super Happy”, Cool Things Chicago mentions how attractive the slim designs of minimalist watches are.

Look for one with a larger watchface to make it easier to read and really fit in with the trend. Slimmer bands with flat, round faces make for the most fashionable watches today.

Since they usually come in muted colors, a minimalist watch will match perfectly with any outfit, from the most neutral to the exceedingly colorful.

Everyone needs to, or at least should, wear a watch every day so they can easily keep track of the time of day. Checking your phone is rude in business meetings or while out with friends, so a simplistic watch will allow you to look great and discreetly check what time it is.

Any or all of these trends will help you make a fashion statement in the eyes of the people you encounter. Boring items will never do the trick when such hot products are available!