3 New Dress Shirt Brands

Every man needs a Dress shirt, some will swear they do not need one, but this is an untruth to cover for the fact they just don’t want to wear one, just like a kid putting on his school shoes when his trainers are right there. Others will need a dress shirt for every day of the week for work. Then you have the special occasions like fancy dinners, weddings and interviews. Here we will have 3 of the most recognized brands in the world and some considerations to make before purchasing your dress shirt.


The Material of your dress shirt can make a difference in comfort and practicality, most reputable dress shirt companies will use either an oxford shirt fabric or poplin. Look for a company that specialises in dress shirts that means you won’t be itchy and irritable at the wedding and have the ability to wear every day to the workplace. Every day wear can come in an iron free material that means you shouldn’t have to iron your shirt just simply hang it up and the creases will fall out.


Out of the may many styles of dress shirts available you will find the best way is to know what you will be wearing it with and tailor the style to suit. Your dress shirt can be your standout fashion piece so keep in mind what you are buying for. A shirt that can cover most occasions is a general oxford shirt is a safe bet. A slim fit can accentuate your frame batter to depending on your shape and what you want to hide, or increase will also be a guiding factor in you style selection.


 Make sure your dress shirt fit the way you like it, yes there are guidelines but on how many fingers you can fit in your collar and such but if it feels too tight anywhere look for either a different style or size. Different brands will fit differently even if they say they are the same style and fit so make sure you get it right for you. Too tight under the arms or around the collar can make it very uncomfortable.


 Your dress shirt may be decided for you by the occasion. Weddings may have a certain colour theme and may well dictate how smart the shirt must be, so taking this into consideration while looking for your dress shirt. General Day to day office work won’t have such strict regulations on shirt style.

1. Eton Shirts

Since 1928 renowned Swedish brand Eton have been delivering high quality shirt. There shirt material is carefully sourced using only cotton from Egypt and California it is then woven in Italy finally it is finished in Switzerland or Germany. This is a long-lasting shirt that can be used for many years and is one of the most recognized brands in the world.

2. Indochino

Affordable made to measure shirts from Indochino are undoubtably one of the top head turners in the dress shirt fashion world. Being made to measure the fit is wonderful and they offer discounts when buying multiple shirts.

 3. Hawes and Curtis

Hawes and Curtis have been established since 1913 have been at the top of the English aristocracy. They are now a great value dress shirt maker with great quality shirts. Being best of both world its clear to see how they made it into our top 3. This the brand to go for if you are really wanting to make a statement, regardless of the occasion. If you are going to interview, you want to make sure that you will be remembered. Having a tailored shirt from Hawes and Curtis will make sure that you are unforgettable.


Whether your dress shirt is for weddings, everyday office wear, Army shirts UK, or stand out occasions like interviews you should make sure that it compliments what you are already going to wear and suits the occasion correctly. Having a well-fitting stylish dress shirt can fill you with confidence for those public speaking opportunities and make the interviewer notice you. If in doubt go to a reputable shop, ask for advice on what you should go for.