Clothing Essentials Every Woman Should Own

All women have experienced opening their closet with tons of clothes and still say, “I have nothing to wear.” If this usually happens to you, you need to assess your wardrobe as well as your shopping habits. Are you always buying fast fashion? If you don’t have the essentials, it can be hard to put any outfits together. Trendy, statement pieces are great, but you often need classic items to pair them with to give yourself lots of options. Make sure you have these essentials checked off on your list so you can have something to wear every time you go out:

White T-shirt

White T-shirtAs far as essentials go, the white t-shirt may be king. It’s insanely versatile, so don’t think that it’s for casual use only. It’s usually paired with jeans or denim material, but it can be worn with dressier options like silky pants or sequined skirts. You may purchase a few of your favorite printed anime or cat t-shirts to add variety to your collection as well. Make sure you invest in a quality material so you can wear your white shirt again and again without having to replace it.

Button-down shirt

A white button-down shirt worn by a womanA white button-down shirt is a classic staple, especially if you’re in the professional scene. Wear it with your blazer, trouser, and pumps, and you can get a classic office outfit. Wear it with jeans and a statement necklace, and you’ll be ready for a day out. It’s pretty much versatile.


BlazerIf you work in an office, you probably know why it’s one of an essential wardrobe out there. Contact a reputable camilla and marc stockists to buy high-quality blazers and other clothes that fit your requirements and style. It’s timeless and sophisticated, and it’s always appropriate. Make yourself look professional by pairing it with a pencil skirt, dress it up with a dress, or dress it down by pairing it with a T-shirt and jeans. Wear it with a statement necklace if you want to create a powerful look. A blazer is a piece of clothing that you shouldn’t mind paying a little extra because it can be kept in your wardrobe forever. Getting yourself a quality black blazer is a surefire way to make yourself look fabulous all the time.

Black pants

Getting a quality pair of black pants is an important investment for your wardrobe. It can be worn in your every professional event – from a big business meeting to a job interview to a regular day at work. The great thing about black pants is that they pair with any blouse, and it keeps your entire outfit put together. You can wear it day in and day out, and you won’t have to worry about repeating outfits. Because it’s so stapled, no one will even notice that you wore the same pants as yesterday. Also, black pants are accessible at just about every price point in different stores.

Versatile tank top

tank topEveryone owns a T-shirt they love, but nothing beats the cool factor of a tank top. It’s a solid base for layering – it’s the secret for wearing your sheer and crocheted tops with total confidence. Opt for a black or nude tank top for concealment, especially when you’re wearing sheer and lacy tops as well as revealing necklines. Thicker cotton tank tops are not just used as underwear; it can be styled with a pair of high-waist jeans or baggy sweatpants, or under a slip dress.

Little black dress

A woman wearing a little black dressOne of the most quintessential wardrobe staples for any woman is the little black dress. It even has its own abbreviation in the fashion world – the LBD. While it’s a classic, you have to look for an LBD that works for your body shape. What looks so nice for your petite friend may not work for your tall frame. Getting the right fit is important, so you can be sure you can get the most out of this dress. A little black dress is your go-to dress – dress it up for a party or an event, and dress it down for a casual outing. You can wear it for different occasions, such as a date night, a family dinner, a presentation at work, a party, a wedding, or a funeral. It all boils down to the accessories and shoes for you to play it right.

Casual sneakers

ShoesRules about wearing your kicks for casual Friday or workouts are outdated. Nowadays, a cute pair of casual sneakers can be paired along with a pleated skirt, a jumpsuit, or even a sundress. Considering the variety of sneakers out in the market today, they really are the shoes that can take you anywhere. Plus, they’re super comfy, too.


Ah, leggings. Every woman must have a trusty pair of black leggings to fall back on, whether for working out, going to the grocery store, working from home, or styling with an oversized jacket. It’s a great outfit to wear during workouts, but its application doesn’t stop there. Leggings can be styled up or down while giving you the ultimate comfort. You can even wear it to work during a semi-casual day. Just pair it with a long blouse or short dress so it won’t look tacky.

Trench coat

Trench coatNo woman’s wardrobe is complete without a transitional trench coat, which you can wear from crisp autumn nights to cool winter mornings. It’s really an investment piece that you will need even if you live in a sunnier environment. Get an A-line shape coat that you can draw in the waist using a belt. Having a quality trench coat will flatter you for years. And the great thing about the trench coat is that it can be paired with anything, like a dress, or your casual jeans-and-tee combination.

Neutral cardigan

CaptureWhen you layer clothing, you can create different outfits. A cardigan that matches most clothes in your wardrobe opens up a ton of outfit choices. Just make sure that your cardigans are suitable for the climate you live in for you to get a lot of use from it.


FlatsFlats are a no-fuss solution for looking pulled together while you’re on the go. Heels may look great, but they are not always comfortable. Get a pair of ballet flats, and your feet will thank you. Ballet flats can keep that dressy feel you can achieve with heels by getting flats in a fun color and design, or keep it classic by getting one in beige or black to make sure that it can match any outfit you wear.

Black pumps

Getting a pair of black pumps to work wonders for your wardrobe. This type of shoes can be worn over and over, from the office to your evenings out. It’s always a classic finish to every outfit. It’s not just paired with dresses, skirts, and trousers – you can dress up your jeans with it, too.

Ankle boots

White DressA classic pair of ankle boots go with everything, from denim to sundresses to party dresses. It’s the perfect footwear during fall and winter. Plus, it’s effortless footwear to choose if you’re aiming to look fabulous.

Day dress

A sleeveless day dressThere are days when wearing jeans and t-shirts just won’t cut it, and you prefer something airy and comfy. That’s when a day dress comes into play. Day dresses are not a special-occasion dress, but an elevated alternative to the basics you rely on usually. You won’t feel overdressed if you wear it to brunch with your friends while making you look good and feel fashionable.

Formal dress

A green formal A-line dressFor formal dinners, special events, and weddings, it’s essential to wear a formal dress. Having one that flatters your complexion and your body can be great to have in your wardrobe so you won’t have anything to wear.