Gold dress, What Shoe Color Should You Wear?

Any woman’s wardrobe would be complete without a gold dress. If you have ever received compliments on a gold dress, you know how stunning it can be. The issue with these dresses is that the color scheme makes matching shoes and other accessories difficult. In addition, you may want to try on a variety of heels and boots before making a decision, but this will need the purchase of several different colors of shoes. Few individuals get it right when it comes to matching shoes and clothes. This makes us wonder what will happen to us when we put on the gold gown for a special occasion.

1. Burgundy or Dark Shoes

Shoes in burgundy or dark red heels are ideal for wearing with a gold sequin dress. Their strong difference will give your ensemble more depth and richness. To make a statement, opt for dark red pumps, stilettos, or strappy sandals.

Tip: Going to wear matching, eye-popping red lipstick is the best way to balance out your look.

2. Champagne Gold Shoes 

With a gold sequin dress, champagne gold shoes are a great choice. This pair of gleaming shoes will help to add a touch of glitz and sophistication to your ensemble. Its warm tones will complement the gold dress or skirt you are wearing.

Tip: Its warm tones will complement the gold dress or skirt you are wearing.

3. Gold Shoes 

For a sophisticated look, pair gold shoes with a gold dress and you can make it more interesting by accessorizing it with other gold-toned pieces. Gold high heels can be worn with long or short gold dresses. Choose gold heels that complement your outfit while also adding a dash of glitz, as they can be worn for a variety of occasions. To complete the look, pair the dress with other elegant accessories such as chandelier earrings and gold bracelets.

4. Silver Shoes 

When paired with your dress from top to bottom, silver shoes have a distinct look that can give you an elegant look. Silver’s metallic sheen will make you stand out in a crowd and enhance the beauty of your gold gown. Furthermore, silver high heel shoes and dresses are paired with other silver-toned accessories to add a beautiful sparkle to evening wear. Silver high heel shoes and dresses are matched with other silver-toned jewelry to add a beautiful sparkle to evening wear.

5. White Shoes 

If you want to look elegant, white shoes are a great choice. White accessories will make gold dresses noticeable more. If you want a shoe that does not contradict with your dress, wearing white is the best choice. In fact, a white-gold dress can also be worn with white high heel shoes. In addition, light-colored shoes, such as white or cream, can create an illusion that makes your legs look great with a gold dress. 

6. Black Shoes 

You can wear a high or mid-heeled black shoe to go with your dress. Your legs will look sexy and elegant thanks to the black high heel.

Tips: Mid or high-heeled black high-heeled shoes can make your legs look stunning and elegant; in this situation, if you want to look more stylish and charming, you can pair your dress with other jewelry like long silver earrings.

7. Red Shoes 

When searching for a color that complements the gold dress, red shoes are another option. Red is a bold and vibrant color that calls the eye to your outfit, but it can be softened by pairing it with a color that complements it. Red high heels and a gold gown are a great combination for a bridal shower.

Tips: If you prefer red shoes, it is better to use red lipstick that is perfectly matched to make your face look more radiant and beautiful in the light.

8. Nude Shoes 

Nude is a color that complements nearly all types of skin tones, so it is really worth considering. Nude shoes or accessories are a good choice if you want a combination of nude and gold. Because it complements the skin tone, nude high heel shoes are also a great option or pick for your evening wear. The gold color will make you stand out from the crowd and is really ideal for any occasion. You can also create an elegant look by wearing your gold dress with nude high-heeled shoes.

Tips:  If you are attending a bridal shower, it is best to wear nude high heel shoes with your gold dress because they will enhance your skin complexion and make your legs look beautiful.

9. Gray Shoes 

Gray is a sophisticated color that suits both men and women. Moreover, Gray high heel shoes go with any dress; based on the color of the dress you pair them with, they can be brave or delicate. Choose gray shoes with a mid-heel and a gold dress if you want to make a statement. 

Tips: Any gold dress will look great with gray shoes. You can pick mid-heel gray high heel shoes with a gold dress to create a more fashionable and charming look. Indeed, wearing gray high heel shoes in low inches, on the other hand, will give you a more elegant and sophisticated appearance.

10. Yellow Shoes 

Yellow is a versatile color that can be used if you want to look brave or delicate. Yellow is a vibrant and happy color. Surely, it will make you stand out in a crowd and enhance the beauty of your gold gown. If you want to be a head-turner, pair yellow high-heeled shoes with a gold dress. If your gold dress is also brightly colored, you can match and fix your outfit with other bright yellow accessories.

Tips: Any gold color goes well with yellow shoes. In addition, wearing yellow high heel shoes in low inches, on the other hand, will give you a more chic look. For those who enjoy the fashionable clothing trend, yellow high heel shoes are ideal. Truly, it will not disappoint you.