You Need The Leather Harness In Your Wardrobe

It is quite difficult to answer the question of what a women’s harness is. Today it has become a collective image of a women’s accessory, which was presented on the catwalk by American designer Prable Gurung in 2012. This idea has been approved by many world fashion creators. So the harness came to the taste of many connoisseurs of high fashion, and broke into the everyday life of a woman.

Today, the woman harness is an accessory, which is interlaced leather belts that are attached to the belt – an indispensable part of the female sling.

Who wears a harness

Harnesses for women are an indispensable accessory in everyday life. They are worn under a skirt, on shorts as a belt, on a blouse, on a dress, bodysuit and swimsuit. Courageous girls put on a harness, if the image needs to be given individuality, originality.

Someone claims that the woman harness is military style, implying a combination of elegance and self-sufficiency of a modern woman. Someone considers this accessory to owe its birth to the sexual revolution. However, it is undeniable that the harness always looks very sexy and spectacular. Its zest is in its versatility: it goes well with other styles and clothes, as well as with sexy female looks in bodysuits and without.

The body harness woman emphasizes both femininity, fragility, and sexuality, and strength. And you must admit, this accessory looks very, very unusual on clothes. Moreover, the harness saves a woman from suffering when choosing jewelry for a particular outfit. After all, these leather belts on the female body are already an ornament in themselves.

Also well-known brands such as ObsessHarness create sets of a wide variety of variations and colors. So a collar for woman, harness on the chest, a belt or garters, bandage panties, a cat mask and handcuff leather are indispensable things for intimate games! A great way to surprise, excites and warms up the passion of both partners, especially excites men! This category of product can be attached to BDSM products to complete the sexy look! For example, a stylish hip belt with handcuffs that develop the imagination of partners will make your romantic evening more fun. It is fixed at the waist and on the legs.

How to wear a harness correctly?

It is not difficult to wear such a self-sufficient accessory correctly.

    You just need to follow some of the nuances when combining wardrobe items with accessories:

  • The fewer additional accessories will be worn at the same time as the harness, the more effective this combination will look.
  • The harness expressively complements your image if it is worn on simple clothes without decorations in the form of rhinestones, stones, beads.
  • Harness with impressive looks and plain things. The print and various ornaments on the fabric will not be appropriate with it as a set. An exception may be a small pattern on the fabric in the form of small peas or a soft, small pattern.
  • Should not wear women’s leather harnesses if you criticize your figure and dissatisfied with the body. This is due to the fact that the harness draws special attention to its owner, so wearing it will not bring the expected effect.

Every woman who dares to choose such an accessory can choose a model to her liking. The range that is presented on the site will delight you with its unique design and high quality materials.