Surprise Your Mother With The Eternal Gift Of Love – Durable Diamond Jewelry

Have you ever sat down and thought of how much your mother means to you? She is the one person who has done so much for you since you were born and at this point, she deserves to be spoilt. Raising a child is a very difficult task and yet our mothers make it seem so easy, isn’t it creditable? Making her day, making her feel special is the least you can do for her. By doing this, we are sure that she will feel very happy. It’s the little things that matter after all. There are many gifts that will brighten up your mom’s day and make her feel special. If you are looking for something like that, stick with us till the very end to get some ideas.

One of the very pleasing and heartwarming gifts can be a diamond. Diamonds are referred to as an eternal gift of love. We have a list of some diamond types and jewelry that you can gift your mom and we guarantee you that she will be overwhelmed.

1. Lab-grown diamond ring

A lab-grown white diamond rings can be just the perfect gift. It has the capacity to brighten anyone’s day. You can get a wide range of different gorgeous sets of rings with different colors and transparency. You can shop for white diamonds at any legitimate website online or go visit a nearby store. There are also sales that these websites hold. They also have white diamond rings for sale that you can get your hands on at a very affordable price.

2. Diamond bracelets

A diamond bracelet will make any outfit look amazing. We all know that moms love anything that comes in the jewelry section. Why not surprise them with something that they love! You can also customize your bracelet and fit a lab-grown diamond you like and it will surely look gorgeous. Shop white diamonds and get them set in the bracelet in a preferred setting that your mother will love.

3. Diamond pendants and necklaces

A beautiful diamond necklace studded with these sparkly stones or a unique diamond pendant is also an ideal gift. Your mom can wear the diamond necklace on a regular basis as well. It is a head-turner for sure.

These were some diamond jewelry gifts that you can give your mother. We are sure that she will be overwhelmed by just the thought of you giving her something. She will of course love the diamond as well. It’s time for you to do something lovely for your mother now; after all, she is as precious as the diamond.

Nonetheless, you must make sure that the diamond is durable and of the highest quality. If you’re wondering what durability is and why it matters so much, then hang on.

Durability is a mixture of 3 elements – toughness, hardness and stability. These factors are responsible for the gemstone’s overall quality and how the buyer can use the gemstone. It determines how well your gemstone can tolerate chemicals, humidity, daily usage, heat and more. Among all the three factors, the one that is considered the most is hardness. Diamond or other gemstone hardness indicates how well it will resist scratches, breakage and other abrasions. Mohs scale is used to understand a gemstone’s durability. The scale rates gemstones based on their scratch resistance property.

Gemstones on the Mohs scale are rated between 1 and 10. The gemstone with a 1 rating is the softest, while the gemstone with a 10 rating is the hardest. These ratings or values are given to a gemstone by finding the hardest mineral the given gemstone or mineral can scratch. For instance, a sapphire stone with a 9 rating can scratch all the gemstones and minerals with ratings below 9, except for diamond which has a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Why gemstone durability is important for your jewelry

When shopping for jewelry, we look for something that we can wear regularly without having to think twice. Of course, you do not want to spend thousands of bucks on jewelry that you cannot even wear when you want to. Hence, a durable gemstone that is strong enough to withstand minor scratches and cannot be easily broken is ideal.

Best gemstones that you can gift your mother

You might want to gift your mother something that stays with her forever. Hence, when choosing gemstones, it is important to look for the durability of the gemstone that you are about to buy. Any gemstone that possesses a rating of more than 7 is considered suitable for jewelry and engagement rings. Gemstones that possess a rating of 8 or more than 8 are considered ideal. Gemstones like topaz, emerald, morganite, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, quartz and diamond all range between 7 and 10 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, choosing any of these gemstones for your mother can be just ideal. However, since morganite and aquamarine have a rating of 7, you might have to treat them with a little extra care as they are more prone to chipping and breaking. Another gemstone, the emerald, has a rating of 8, but it can also break or chip as the internal structure is quite complex.

Among all of these gemstones, the one that is the most popular for diamond jewelry is undoubtedly the diamond. Since this gemstone is among the hardest substances known on Earth, it makes it the ideal choice. But one must also know that although diamond is the hardest gemstone, it can still break or get scratched if not cared for properly.

Taking care of gemstones and jewelry

Anything that is not cared for properly is prone to damages and being worn out. Here’s how you can care for your diamond and other gemstones.

  • Avoid while performing physical activities

No matter how hard your gemstone is, if excess pressure is exerted on it or if it comes in contact with harmful chemicals, it can damage the beauty of your gemstone. Therefore, if you are performing strenuous activities at the gym, swimming in chlorinated water or performing household tasks where chemicals are involved, it is best advised to remove your engagement ring before beginning your work. This will keep your ring from getting damaged or been exposed to harmful chemicals.

  • Maintain distance between your gemstones

Just as we read, a gemstone with a higher rating on the Mohs scale can damage or scratch a gemstone with a lower rating. Hence, it is recommended to keep your gemstones as farther away as possible. If you are wearing different gemstones together, make sure there is enough distance between them as close contact can create friction between the gemstones resulting in scratches or abrasions on the surface. Even if you have 2 diamonds, you should keep them away from one another as they can lead to scratches or damage the metal body.

  • Keep your gemstones clean

Whether or not you use your gemstones or jewelry daily, it is important to clean them up every once in a while. The process is quite easy and all you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little soapy water. Soak your engagement ring in soapy water for about 10 to 20 minutes and then brush it lightly to get rid of dust and dirt particles that might have accumulated on the gemstone. Rinse it thoroughly and your gemstone will be as good as new.

All gemstones are brilliant, yet nothing beats a diamond. If you want to get your hands on some of the best lab diamonds for yourself or your mother, then shop from New World Diamonds, an online diamond marketplace that offers the best quality diamonds.