Midi Dress: Fashion Revamped

A midi dress is where the dress ends halfway between the knee and ankle. It is called the mid-calf, as it is any dress that falls below the knee and above the ankle.

The historical context of midi dresses is kind of fascinating. The economic climate always coincides with the length of a dress. During the 1920s, shorter hemlines were all the rage. The rage went down with the Great Depression and rose again in the 1950s, and grew even more with the emergence of the mini skirt in the 1960s. This fall and rise are known as the hemline index.

The best thing about midi dresses is one can wear them at any time of the year because of their length. They can be worn in any climate, depending upon the styling.

Types of Midi Dresses

There are some basic types of midi dress to choose from. A midi wrap dress is excellent if you have food-based plans and want something that’s bloat-friendly.

  • Bodycon midi dress: On one end of the spectrum, there are bodycon midi dresses. These dresses are ideal if a girl is more after a sleek and streamlined aesthetic. They are not as spacious or wide as wrap dresses.
  • Bardot midi: Bardot dresses are simple dresses that have a Bardot neckline. It is a shoulder to shoulder or a bare shoulder dress. This Bardot midi can be worn by any woman from 18 to 80 years. It is a preferable choice for weddings at any time of the year.
  • Long sleeve midi dress: Sometimes, sleeves are not negotiable. And for such occasions, we have long sleeve midi dresses. A long sleeve is a sleeve from shoulder to wrist. It can also end up between the elbow and wrist.
  • Wrap midi dress: A wrap midi dress is a dress that closes from the front by wrapping the dress one side across the other. They are knotted with the ties attached to the dress or even by buttons. The dress generally has a V-shaped neckline and shows off the curves. It can be a favourite option for many girls out there. The wrap design is also an easy option.
  • Lace midi dress: Lace dresses are the representation of beauty. Lace dresses are woven in an open web of different symmetrical patterns and figures. Lace has this cool way of making you look amazing and feel instantly elegant irrespective of the size. If you are looking for royal sophistication, then this lace midi dress is the right choice.

Styling a MIDI Dress According to the Season

  • Spring: Spring is when dresses come into the scene. Stores are restocked with many beautiful prints. Always look for dresses with beautiful pastels only if pastels look good on your skin and bright spring colours. Try to look for a spring midi dress with a side slit and an interesting neckline. The sleeve type can be off-shoulder, baggy and long, spaghetti strap or a normal cap sleeve, or anything that is comfortable. When styling a midi dress, it can be breezy during the start of spring, so if in case it is chilly, then always bring a denim or cotton jacket to wear over the dress.
  • Summer: Once it is summer, everyone would prefer a midi dress that is lighter in fabric and colour. Dresses that are light in colour or probably white and cream helps one to absorb less heat in the sun. The summer midi dress looks flirty and shows off more skin. They come in a spaghetti strap, off-shoulder or sleeveless. Always try to pair the summer midi dress with a messy hair bun with sandals, a cross bag, and without fail, the sunglasses.
  • Winter: During winter, it is advisable to pair the midi dress with a long coat and boots to keep one away from the cold and close to fashion. And the same goes with the rainy season but with an umbrella.

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