Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

As much as women are multi-taskers, they often forget to properly take care of their bodies. Amidst all that, hair removal through waxing, plucking, and shaving is another tedious and time-consuming beauty regime. As a solution to such situations, people now prefer laser hair removal treatments to treat hairs in various parts of their bodies. 

The most curious question about laser hair removal is, “Isn’t laser hair removal a permanent solution?”. While laser hair removal is a better and more effective method to remove body hair for a long time, people still have great misconceptions. 

A laser hair removal treatment can prevent your body hair from growing back for as long as ten months to a few years, depending on the skin. Therefore, it isn’t exactly a permanent solution. Laser hair removal does not entirely remove your body hairs but reduces hair follicles’ growth phase by destroying them. 

However, we got you if you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of your body hairs. HAiRLESS offers a very professional and advanced laser hair removal treatment with excellent permanent hair removal service and aftercare maintenance. HAiRLESS uses a highly upgraded technology for laser hair removal:

Is permanent laser hair removal effective?

When you get laser hair removal, the hair follicles of the targeted area are destroyed and can be permanently removed. Still, you can expect to see a few hair growths in certain treated areas. If you get laser hair removal treatment in that area again, it might be possible to destroy the active hair follicles of that body area permanently. 

Regardless, numerous factors come to force whatever procedure or treatment you tend to remove your body hairs permanently. Depending on the skin texture and hair, the growth will happen or not. Even if the hair on the laser-treated area grows back after a long time, you might notice that it is now lighter in color and barely noticeable. Since destroying every single strand of the hair follicle is not possible, you might expect to see hair regrowth as time passes. Thus, you can periodically get laser hair removal treatments to prevent hair follicles from growing back. Experience the benefits of long-lasting laser hair treatment with the trusted Surrey laser treatment clinic, where advanced technology and skilled professionals ensure effective and lasting results.

Is laser hair removal really long-lasting?

Yes, laser hair removal is long-lasting depending on the aftercare treatment, skin type, and body hair. But if the hair follicle is destroyed during the laser treatment, there is a chance that the hair on the targeted area ceases to regrow. Otherwise, only damaging the hair follicle will not work at all. Over time the hair will grow back. 

Regrowing of hair after laser treatment is also dependent on the hair growth cycle of the individual, which is unique to all. Some may experience faster hair growth, some may notice late. Anyhow, laser hair removal is an effective way to remove body hair for a long time. You do not have to take extra time to shave or wax those hairs. 

Are there any risks or side effects associated with laser hair removal?

Every person’s skin is textured differently and reacts differently to the same & similar treatments. The side effects of laser hair removal vary from person to person. 

Different people experience stinging, burning sensations, discomfort, or slight pain during the laser hair removal treatment. That is why the laser technicians treat the targeted area with a numbing cream before the actual process. If the person is sensitive or allergic to the numbing cream, they might feel utter skin irritation and other skin reactions. That’s why you must consider the various risks and your skin condition before getting a laser hair removal. It would help if you got prior consultation on the same and prep accordingly. 

Common yet temporary side effects of laser hair removal that ordinary people experience are:

  • Skin redness, including swelling and discomfort. 
  • Scarred skin or blistered skin
  • Skin pigmentation is usually seen on darker skin, although the effect is temporary. 

For unusual cases, the person might also experience excessive hair growth on the targeted area or graying of the treated hair after laser hair removal. 

If you experience high irritation after the laser hair removal treatment, you might notice scarring on the targeted area’s skin. Such damaged skin is prone to infection. So, it would be best to take proper and adequate care of that area. If the skin infection catches on, you must immediately contact your doctor or the laser technician for advice. If the situation worsens, get medical help to minimize further risks and side effects. 

Last thoughts

Laser hair removals involve the use of high technology. So, the costs of getting one are usually on the expensive side. If you want laser hair removal, think wisely; because you also have to think about the aftercare treatments and other related expenses. But if you do decide on getting a laser hair removal, ensure that you have considered every possible factor.