Investing in A Facial Bed? Read On to Know More

People visit salons and treatment centers for facials in order to be pampered and get utmost relaxation. As an esthetician, providing effective service must be your first goal. You may have the best materials and the most skilled hands, but with a lack of a high-quality and comfortable facial bed, you may be unable to provide your client with excellent results.

The purpose of this post is to assist you in selecting the best facial bed for your business and customers. This article will help you in choosing the ideal facial treatment bed for your needs and those of your clients.

An ideal facial bed must be adaptable to the client’s and esthetician’s demands. There are various characteristics that differs each model of facial bed. The most critical factors to consider while purchasing a facial bed are listed below. Moreover, learn how you can contact a reputable Aesthetic Clinic known to provide the best medical aesthetic services.


A high-quality facial bed is not inexpensive. A high-quality bed can cost up to $2,500, but a good starting point is between $600 and $1,000. Investing in a high-quality facial bed is critical, as the beauty industry is all about quality. There are less expensive solutions that are available, and it can still provide excellent value, but it lacks crucial features, comfort, and durability.


When purchasing a facial bed, keep in mind the space of your treatment area. This is to prevent purchasing an excessively large bed, thus, obstructing your ability to operate correctly or the client’s ability to move around.

Portable Against Stationary

Due to its portability, a portable facial bed is an excellent choice for on-site treatments, such as in customers’ homes. It is practical and easy, allowing you to work at any location. However, this is not something that would last a decade or more. You will have to replace it every two to three years (which is not bad). A portable facial bed should cost no more than $500.

Because a permanent bed is not intended to be moved frequently, it is better equipped to incorporate comfortable features. It is somewhat large and hefty, but it has a plethora of amenities that will ensure your clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Additionally, it supports greater weight and lasts longer than portable facial beds.

Electric Against Hydraulic

A hydraulic facial bed is adjustable in height and is operated by a foot pedal. The hydraulic lift is used to modify the height only, and some hydraulic facial beds feature a 360° revolving base, which aids estheticians in movement and reach.

With an electric facial bed, an esthetician gains greater control over comfort, reach, and mobility. It features an adjustable backrest and leg rest, increased cushion and comfort, a 2- to 4-motor engine, and remote control to assist in making all essential adjustments to the facial bed.

Static Or Adjustable

Adjustment is critical to meeting both your own and your client’s needs. Different adjustment settings are essential in a facial bed. These factors include the angle of the head, the legs, and height. These modifications enable the bed to accommodate both your clients’ and your own comfort needs. For instance, correcting for height is critical, as a face bed that is too high or too low will have an effect on your back and posture.

The Advantages of Having a Facial Bed in Your Own Home

1. Enhances the user’s spa experience

Having a facial bed can provide you with a genuine spa experience (relaxed and comfortable) – as if you were truly receiving spa treatments in a spa rather than in the comfort of your own home.

Truth be told, going to a spa treatment versus having a session at home has an entirely different vibe. Being indulged away from home, for some reason, is more soothing.

If a facial bed could recreate that sensation while also giving your home spa a more professional appearance, the investment is well worth it.

2. Facilitates the aesthetician’s work to be more efficient.

When you hire professional aestheticians to perform facial treatments at your house, it is highly advantageous for them to do the procedures while you are on a facial bed.

Apart from aesthetics, a facial bed could enhance your spa experience by enabling practitioners to execute treatments and operations more effectively on you.

Technically, they are highly qualified professionals who excel at what they do. They are most likely capable of adequately performing any therapy or surgery on you, even on a sofa. They may, however, find it considerably easier to obtain a professional facial bed.

Professionals can maneuver you around easily and alter the bed’s setting to suit their needs.

3. Ensures maximum comfort

Naturally, you can get facial treatments performed on your family’s favorite couch. You can even do them while seated in a luxurious gaming chair. They can be performed while reclining in any chair in your home. That is not to say, however, that the experience will be pleasant. Not every chair in your home was designed for facial procedures. As a result, you cannot really expect them to provide optimal comfort during a facial operation.

A facial bed enables you to lay your head back, rest on your back, and possibly even move your head around to allow the professional to see your entire face.

Typically, finding an ergonomic household seat that provides support in all the suitable locations is difficult.

A facial bed is explicitly built to support your back and head while performing facial care. Even a poor-quality facial bed could provide the necessary support that many household chairs are unable to supply.

High-quality beds with comfortable cushions and padding would provide additional support and comfort. Additionally, these beds may often be customized to accommodate individuals of varying bodyweight and body shapes.

4. It is extremely convenient

Investing in a facial bed – a seat explicitly designed to support you while having spa treatments – beats repurposing various seats in your home to have a facial treatment.

It is not necessary to set up your space in performing the procedures. Your facial bed would always be in the exact location where you require it.

Additionally, facial beds are more convenient to clean compared to other seating options.