How to Dress for a Night at a Casino

A night out at a casino is a great excuse to dress up since it is a special occasion. When we think of casinos, we imagine Hollywood glamour, luxury and decadence. This is a chance to leave all our worries behind us and feel like a VIP for an evening. To ensure you have the best possible night, we look at how you should dress for the casino. Also, learn how you can find a legit online casino platform offering a no deposit bonus on registration.

Casino dress code

Not all casinos are the same, so it is wise to check the venue’s dress code. Some people have been turned away from the door for turning up with the wrong type of footwear, so make sure you check for the company’s dress code on their website or call to confirm.

With so many choosing to visit casinos online from home, there is no dress code. However, if you are playing a live dealer game at 32Red Casino, where you can talk to other players at the table as well as the croupier, you might want to dress up to have a fully immersive experience. This is particularly fun if you are playing with other friends online.

Check the venue’s online gallery

If the dress code is unclear, check the venue’s online gallery which will show the outfits being worn by employees and patrons. The photo gallery can also inspire your own outfit as well as ensuring that you do not stand out for being either underdressed or overdressed.

Dress like your friends

If you are visiting a casino with friends, check out what they are planning to wear so that you all dress in a similar fashion. If you are attending an event, contact the event organiser as a gala or other business event may have its own rules. If you are hiring a private suite to celebrate a birthday with friends, a dress code does not usually apply, so you can wear whatever you want.

Bring a backup

If your night out involves more than just a visit to a casino, such as going out for dinner or to a nightclub, bring a change of shoes so you can party without having to wear high heels or bring a jacket that can gain you entry into a fine restaurant, even if the casino does not require it. Most casinos have lockers for hire where you can keep things that you do not need with you on the floor.

Treat yourself to a tux or evening gown

If you do not already own a tux or an evening gown, these can be hired. If you decide that the casino experience is one you would like to repeat, you could consider buying your own so that you can have a night out at any time. The cost of a new outfit does not have to be exorbitant, you will want to keep your money to spend on games, food and drinks.

Shoes are important

If you turn up at some casinos in sneakers, flip-flops or sandals, you could be turned away. Dress shoes should match the style and colour of your tux or evening dress. Women can wear flat shoes, which can offer more flexibility than high heels, but avoid boots.