How to Create Your Own Futuristic Fashion with a Robot Costume

Have you ever wanted to be a robot? It might sound silly, but those metallic bodysuits can look pretty cool if you create your futuristic fashion without breaking the bank on an entirely new wardrobe (due to high robot-costume prices in the market). In this article, we tell you about trendy robot costumes in the market. Moreover, we enlighten (let’s say, illuminate) you with how to make a unique DIY LED robot costume method at home.

Trendy Options with Robot Costume

While looking for a stylish robot costume in the market, a kid will love dressing up for Halloween with a children’s robot costume; an adult can choose an adult robot costume!

  • Inflatable costumes, like inflatable T-Rex costumes and dinosaur costumes, have become popular since their invention
  • Polyester costumes with 3D patterns and signs
  • Giant transformers costume with vocal sound modulation
  • Unisex robot costumes with realistic EVA material
  • Girl costumes with specialized robot masks for game cosplay
  • Complex and flashy, illuminated robot costumes
  • Some even have moving parts and matching sound effects

DIY LED Robot Costume at Home

If you are good with crafts and have an eye for detail, the best route might be crafting your DIY robot costume at home by sticking blue LEDs into various places on an old outfit. This method is expensive, but it is easier and faster if you want something less DIY-looking.

  1. To create your very own illuminated robot costume, start by cutting out two small circles from red or orange cardstock paper.
  2. Then, cut one circle in half to end up with four smaller circles. Tape each circle onto different body parts (like your chest, legs, and arms). Make sure they all face outward toward passersby.
  3. Take three black balloons and blow them up so they cover most of your body—except where you taped down those circles (you should leave some room between each balloon and yourself).
  4. Purchase 12 strips of RGB LED lights online (most RGB LED lights come with 9 pieces per strip; get 6 strips total). Try getting 30cm strips—that way, you won’t need any extra connectors when building your costume later on.
  5. Next, use hot glue to stick each strip along your inflated balloons (try putting 3 strips along each side of your torso and 2 strips along each leg).
  6. Once you’ve inserted all six LED light strips onto your inflatable robot costume, plug a USB power bank into one of the connectors on either side.
  7. Turn off all lights in your house before turning on just one string of LEDs. That way, you can see exactly how much lighting will work best for you.

Important Points

A robot costume should fit well—the last thing you want is an ill-fitting robocop costume distracting from your performance.

Also, remember that an illuminated robot costume costs more than non-illuminated ones—but it looks great on stage! If you’re looking for simple and less expensive options, you also have DIY robot costume ideas with cardboard.