How To Be Stylish In Both Fashion And In The Home

Most say fashion is a state of mind or a way of living. Some people have an eye for it, some don’t. So, what does it take to be fashionable?  There’s no one fashion rule about being stylish as people have different tastes and preferences.

Here’s how you can be stylish whether you’re lounging indoors, painting the town red, or choosing your next home furnishing:

1. Be inspired but create your own

There’s a bajillion of resources online that give you some insights about what’s ‘in’ and trending. Leading fashion brands worldwide always update their collections, which are usually worn by your favorite celebrities. For instance, if you’ve seen your fashion peg looking perfect in a pair of chic jeans, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to visit your favorite fashion store to purchase the exact same piece. Instead, draw inspiration from it and purchase a lower-priced dupe to create the same vibe.

2. Look for versatile pieces

Don’t purchase clothes that you intend to wear only for one specific occasion. If you’re shopping for clothes bearing this mindset, chances are you’re going to end up with a piece that only gets worn once or twice.  For instance, if you’re planning to buy a pair of footwear for a Halloween party, consider the likes of ankle boot options that don’t look too weird. They’re a better investment, as you can wear them everywhere and can match almost any type of outfit.

3. Confidence is key

Even if you’re wearing an ensemble with a hefty price tag, it amounts to nothing if you don’t have confidence. It is what makes or breaks an outfit. You don’t need to buy a USD $2,000-dollar shirt just to look stylish. Instead, grab a USD$20-dollar piece and wear it like it’s nobody’s business. Consider these common fashion mistakes to avoid.

4. It’s not always about the trend

Fashion trends come and go. What was cool to wear in the past decades are slowly becoming a comeback these days, such as mom jeans and bold colored eyebrows, to name a few. It’s always a good idea to keep vintage clothes and not update your cabinet whenever a new trend comes along.

5.  Updating your wardrobe doesn’t mean spending on new ones.

Keep your wardrobe updated by swapping some pieces with your friends. You’ll not only save some cash, but you can also free up space and save the environment. Barter the pieces you haven’t worn for months with your friend’s collection instead of throwing them away. Who knows? Maybe, you can finally snag that collector’s item that your friend has been keeping in their cabinet all these years!


6. Explore

Some people prefer a specific brand because of the fit, style, price, or other reasons. While it’s good to have a favorite brand, it puts a limit to what you can wear, placing you in a style rut.  Don’t limit yourself to one brand or to a single price range. Explore the different types of pieces offered by high-, mid-, and low-priced brands, and you’ll be surprised to see what you can find.

Most Common Fashion Styles

  • Vintage. If you’re an old soul, preferring fashion from the 20s to the 80s, you’ve got a vintage fashion style.
  • Bohemian. A common fashion statement, which became a lifestyle in the groovy 70s era, a bohemian or boho style seeks to be non-conforming. Bohemian style features wild and bold patterns reminiscent of hippies and gypsies. This bone inlay furniture design is what a boho chic might have in her home.
  • Chic. The main focus for this style is being fashionable, street-smart, and eye-catching, while donning well-tailored and classy pieces.
  • Sophisticated. Classy is the word that describes an individual drawn to this fashion style. Most company executives imbibe this fashion style to look polished and respectable.
  • Sporty. Who would have known that jogging pants and hoodies can make a good fashion statement?
  • Rocker. Vintage band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and leather jacket are the first few things that come into mind when thinking about how a person adhering to this fashion style would dress up.
  • Preppy. This fashion style calls for a more sophisticated college look. It’s like how you would imagine a librarian would dress up.


No matter which fashion style you prefer, always remember that being comfortable is a fashion statement, too. Don’t be a slave for fashion and don’t buy into the latest fashion trends. Stick to pieces that are comfortable and look good on you (or your house).