8 Common Fashion Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

I am guilty, just like you and everyone else. What am I talking about? We are all guilty of some fashion mistakes at least once in our lifetime. Maybe we just want to play it safe? Some don’t have an idea how to pick the right clothes, while there are those that just don’t care about their fashion choices.

Today we bring you the solutions on the most common mistakes we made when it comes to fashion, and these are the following.

You tend to Wear Accessories all at Once

Wear Accessories

Over-accessorizing is one of the biggest fashion mistakes anyone can make. If you love wearing dangling earrings, statement necklaces, big bangles, and bold rings all at once, then you, my friend needs to tone it down a notch. Why take away the attention from your face or silhouette with too many bold accessories anyway?

The key is balancing and thinking of proportion. Choose between an eye-catching dangler or a statement necklace, but never both. Keep it chic and classy, focus on one body part like your face and choose one show-stopping accessory at a time. But if you really want to be in-style this 2020, why not design a custom facemask and you won’t be left behind. As we all know by now that wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone outdoors. So instead of showing off those blings, share your fashion style with a custom facemask.

Shopping for the Wrong Body Type

Not knowing your body type means you’re putting yourself a risk in wearing clothes that are not flattering for your figure. By learning about the different body shapes, you’ll learn soon enough how to dress accordingly, and which types of clothes work great on you.

If you have a tiny waist, look for clothes that cinch in the waist. Proud of your sexy shoulders? Wear something that reveals your shoulder like an off-shoulder top or a sleeveless top. If you have great legs but have a rounded tummy part, a knee-length A-line dress will look good on you. 

You Tend to Wear Only Black Clothes

Choosing to wear black all the time can add years to your face. Black makes your skin look a lot paler. Also, it highlights those fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under your eye, and can make you look sick and tired.

Why not try something new, and start with neutral colors. You can also begin wearing pieces that have more color like a bold-colored blazer, a printed top, a statement necklace, light-colored bottoms or even a belt or pair of shoes in bright colors.    

You Wear Ill-Fitting Clothes

Casual clothes that are two-sizes bigger are okay to use when chilling at home or running errands. However, there are occasions wherein your ill-fitting clothes won’t be welcomed. For instance, clothes that are too big for you will hide your best assets, while those that are too small can make you look fat and heavier.

Store-bought clothes are mass-produced, which means what you get out of your favorite brand may not be the best fit for your size. If you’re attending formal events or is scheduled for an interview, having your outfit tailored can make you look cool, professional and not to mention, trustworthy.

Shopping for Things that You Don’t Need When the Sale Signs Go Up


It is true that sales and special offers are tempting and mouth-watering, especially if you can now buy that bag or dress you’ve been eyeing for a while at a discounted price. However, this marketing strategy is advantageous because we tend to splurge on items we don’t need, will even use in the future and is not really flattering on you.

Before you swipe your card or pay with your hard-earned cash, think about how you plan on wearing those clothes or what outfits you will pair with the accessory on your hand. Ask yourself how often you will use it, on what occasion and does it look good on me? Will I still buy this even if I have to pay for the full price? It is worth investing in and will I be truly happy if I buy this now?

Buying the Wrong-Sized Underwear and Exposing Them

One of the fashion mistakes every girl is guilty of committing at least once in their life is buying and owning underwear that is of the wrong size. There is nothing more unflattering than wearing a bra and panty that is way too big or too tight for your frame. Add the fact that sometimes, we tend to wear undies that peak on our outfits.

Make sure to wear undies that are a perfect fit to avoid any fashion fail. There are lots of tutorials online that tell you how to get the perfect bra size. Also, wear appropriate types of undies based on what you wear. When rocking shoulder baring clothes, go for a strapless bra. Are you going for that halter dress tonight? Go for halter bras or pasties instead.  

Not Caring About your Clothes the Proper Way


Got pillage stacking up your sweaters? Are you washing all your clothes in the same cycle? Or maybe you’re washing your undies with the rest of your clothes? Then no wonder your garments do not last long. Proper garment care is essential to make sure you get to keep them for the long haul.

Make sure to read the care labels on your clothes, for this will tell you exactly how to wash, rinse, dry and care for them the right way. Store your seasonal clothes in garment storage bags and hang and fold your clothes once dry.

You Have All the Excuses Not to Go Shopping

We know how crazy malls can be, especially when stores open up their stores during sale day. However, that is not enough excuse to buy something for yourself that will compliment your figure. You can say you have no time and energy to shop, but with the technology we have today, you definitely can.

You can now shop in online stores for the hottest items worn by your celebrity idols like tops, dresses, shoes and even accessories You can even shop for your custom facemask online and have it delivered to your home. You get to choose the pieces you love the most, add them to your cart and pay online so they can deliver right on your doorstep. Don’t have time even for online shopping? Hiring a personal stylist will give you the freedom while getting styled according to your preferences.

Takeaway and Credits To The Guest Author

Now that you know what the most common mistakes are when it comes to styling yourself, you can now make the best decisions when it comes to your wardrobe choices. You can always take note of our tips, tricks, and suggestions to make sure you never make the same mistake again. 


Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.