Harpers Ferry Weekend Getaway

Have you ever heard of the beautiful history behind Harper’s ferry? If not, then you are not aware of what you are missing. It is a location that has many awesome beauties of nature. Suppose you are willing to be entertained and interested in learning new things about the part of history. In that case, it is one of the places you must endeavour to visit at least once in your lifetime. Harper’s Ferry is a town that is located in West Virginia. This town is considered special because of its historical background and references to the abolitionist raid d of 1859. It is also rich in other historical things such as the Ferry National Park, John Brown’s Fort, The Point- which refers to the meeting place of Potomac and Shenandoah rivers well as a Civil War Museum and many others. 

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Harpers Ferry Restaurants

It is always said that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating.” That is why I can vouch that you have never tasted a more delicious meal than what restaurants in Harper Ferry offer to their visitors. From seafood to veggies and other cuisines, Harper Ferry’s restaurants are up the task of giving you top-notch food as well as royal treatment. If you are willing to visit this historical site any time soon, you need not worry about having a nice time with your loved ones. Among the restaurants that are close by where you will have the best food experience include: Kelley Farm Kitchen, Country Kitchen, The Anvil Restaurant, and White Horse Tavern, among other ones. Visit any of these restaurants on your arrival and feel the difference!

Harpers Ferry Bike Trails

Visiting Harper’s Ferry town is not only for entertainment or eating alone. There are lots of exercises that will keep both your mind and body fit. Note that it is good for you and your loved ones. Among these are bike trail sports that keep your coming interesting. You will have lots of fun at Bull Run Occoquan Trail, Burke Lake Park, and Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail, among others. However, there are major precautions put in place, as well as other important instructions by the authorities.

Resorts Near Harper’s Ferry West Virginia

It is not mouth-making that Harper’s Ferry boasts many resorts that offer a home away from home experience to lodgers. These resorts accommodate many people both from local and international spheres. Apart from that, the hotels are based on different categories for the rich and the ordinary people. For the next vacation, wedding anniversary, dinner hangout, and lots of other events, make visiting the Harper’s ferry your priority on your to-do list. Some of the hotels around where you will find maximum comfort and royal treatment include Clarion Inn 

Harper’s Ferry Charles Town, The Angler’s Inn, Knight’s Inn Knoxville, and many more. Booking any of these hotels means you will have access to the best you have ever seen.

Horseback Riding Harper’s Ferry West Virginia

Horseback riding is an experience on its own. However, Harper’s Ferry offers much more. As a visitor, among other benefits, you will get having a horse-riding experience. By riding on horseback, you have another level of fun. Besides that, there are horse owners that train novice how to ride a horse. Book your horse riding games with Lucia Farm, The JBIT Ranch, Van Vixen Farm, and Milestone Sport Horses, and many more. You can catch much fun by playing games with the horses and engaging in many horse-riding competitions.


Harpers Ferry is more than the average visitation spot. It is filled with both historical and fun-filled events. Take the time to learn more about the events and activities open to visitors around the world.