How a classic car changes you

You cannot explain love, just as you cannot explain the passion one has for classic cars. You just love them!

The love for classic cars develops slowly over the years. First you like to look at old black-and-white photos, then you start collecting toy models, until the need becomes unbearable, you must have one!

Welcome to the fantastic world of vintage car lovers!

Being the proud owner of a classic car will change your life in more ways that you can imagine.

Just have a look at your friends and neighbors absentmindedly jumping in their fast modern cars already focusing on where they need to get. Quickly.

The first change you’ll notice about yourself driving a beauty like a Ford Mustang classic vehicle is that you no longer care about getting anywhere fast. Driving a classic car is a pleasure and you’ll probably want to take the longer route, just to savour the feel of being in your new old car. It’s the distinct smell of that car, the old leather, the sound of its engine churning and the sense of freedom it gives you.

Yes, you still need to get somewhere boring, like work, but being behind the wheel of a classic car, you’ll want to take some time for yourself and this is the first step to freedom.

For the others, cars are just appliances, for you it’s a friend, someone you enjoy spending time with.

People who love classic cars are often described as nostalgic, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Your car is not as fast as a brand new one, it belongs to an era when life itself wasn’t as rapid-paced as it is today.

Take the Ford Mustang we mentioned earlier. This car made its debut in 1964 at the World Fair in Flushing Meadows and it was a huge thing. The very first day the Mustang hit the showrooms across America, 22,000 cars were sold. Maybe you weren’t even alive then, but you can jump back in time and feel what those people felt when they first laid eyes on the new Mustang. If that makes you nostalgic, so be it!

Modern car ads are all about efficiency, speed, energy consumption. This car is so super fast you’ll be able to cram even more activities into your day, that’s the gist of it. They’re not going to tell you to get into your car and drive, just for the fun of it. Just as they won’t mention anything about elegance, nobody cares about that anymore. Except for you. When you make the decision to buy a classic car, you set yourself apart. You’re not part of the crowd of robots always in a hurry. You’re you and you know how to appreciate a thing of beauty.

People will notice there’s something different about you. With a unique and eye-catching classic car, you don’t just get to a place; you will surely make an entrance. Your car has style and so do you!

Many will probably ask you why? For the same amount of money you could have got a new car, with GPS, climate control, surround system and what not. You could answer that question and talk at length about the merits of your classic car and its place in history, but why bother? They wouldn’t get it! Let them wonder what it is that you know and they don’t.

Just get in your car and smile as you drive away. Life’s journey and all that matters is how you make that journey!