Choosing the perfect dress for your body type

A woman’s body comes in different shapes and sizes, which are unique and beautiful. When it comes to dressing, it is not always about the cost or what is in fashion, but finding an outfit that compliments your body shape and boosts your confidence. Wearing dresses should be comfortable and fun, but it can be a struggle when you do not find the right fit. You need to identify your body shape then match it with the perfect dress. The different types of body shapes women fall under include; hourglass-shaped, pear-shaped, athletic-shaped, and apple-shaped. Here is a guide on how to choose a dress for your body type. Reading the Ultimate Guide to Historical Fashion may also help you find the perfect fashion statement that fits you.¬†


Here, the bust and hip measurements are almost even with a well-defined waistline. Women with this shape are often described as curvy. With this shape, consider figure-hugging dresses to accentuate your curves. Ensure that the dress is a perfect fit, following your curves’ outline. Go for the V or plunge V neckline as they slim down your bust, giving you a balanced look. Belted dresses, mermaid, and wrap dresses are also a good fit for complementing your curves.

Pear shaped

Here, the thighs and the hips are bigger than your upper body. Consider a V-neckline as it will elongate your look. Adding more volume to your upper body can create the illusion of an hourglass shape if you wish. Avoid oversize and straight-cut dresses as they can throw off your proportions. Some dresses you can go for include maxi dresses, A-line dresses, and shift dresses. Loose tops with skinny jeans can also help accentuate your curves.

Athletic shaped

An athletic or rectangle body shaped is well-balanced with equal bust and hip measurements. Even with similar hips and waist, the waist is not as defined. People with this shape are mostly taller. Enhance your arms by wearing off-the-shoulder, sleeveless, and strapless outfits. Some dresses to go for include halter, wrap, and asymmetrical dresses.


Women with this body have a heavier upper body compared to their lower parts. When it comes to dressing, compliment your outfit with items that draw attention away from your upper body. Consider printed dresses as they shift the focus from your body. Also, v-necklines create the illusion of an elongated torso that flatters your looks. Dresses suitable for this body shape include; flowy tunics, A-line, and midi dresses.

Being informed on your body shape can help you a lot when it comes to shopping. You already know what suits you, so it even makes the process easier and enjoyable.