7 Bathing Suit Trends That Made It Big In 2020

The summer of 2020 has been pretty exciting for style divas, considering the amazing trends that have ruled the fashion circles this season. It was all about bright colors and eye-catching styles in every garment you can imagine. Bathing suits were no exception, with unusual cuts, colors, and styles coming to the forefront. Nothing about them was subtle because swimsuits are meant to grab attention, aren’t they? If you are looking for a roundup on women’s swimwear fashion for the summer, here is a list of trends that made it big in the season.

Neon hues

When it comes to the trending colors in bathing suits this summer, neon hues were literally everywhere. From pink to yellow, orange, green and purple, these super-bright colors were on the top of swimsuit shopping lists for women of all ages. If you missed out on neon bathing suits, you can still pick one because the trend is here to stay and you will definitely get to wear it in the next year’s summer as well. What’s more, neon colors look good on almost every skin tone and even create an illusion of a flattering, deeper tan.

Mix and match

If you love being creative with your outfits, the swimsuit season would have been special for you. The trend of mix and match came to the forefront as fashionistas were keen to explore brilliant combinations with tops and bottoms of their choice rather than sticking to ready-to-wear combos. The best part is that there were no limits to experimentation. You could spot unusual yet eye-catching mixes, with unexpected color contrasts and print and solid combos in tops and bottoms.  Also be sure to check out a wetsuit custom as well.

Animal prints

Another trend that made it huge in the summer of 2020 was animal prints. From the classic leopard prints to the unconventional tiger stripes, snakeskin pattern and zebra spots, there were options galore. Like the neon trend, this one too is not going anywhere. So if you still don’t have a piece or two in animal prints, now is the time to stock your wardrobe with a few for the next year! There are plenty you can find in the Planet Blue bathing suits collection. Make sure that you shop for both one-piece and bikini styles in the animal prints of your choice.

Polka dots

Who says polka dots are just for little girls! The latest swimwear fashion trend this summer just proved that women love them as much. In fact, polka dots surfaced as one of the hottest trends in bathing suits besides being the cutest too. They have that perfect quality to make you look super cute and sexy at the same time. The best combinations in polka dots were seen in bright base colors with white dots on them.

Knotted swimwear

Beyond the bright colors and attention-grabbing patterns in bathing suits, a style trend that came out strong in swimwear was the knotted style. A great combination of pretty and practical, knotted swimsuits and bikinis look good and are functional as well. The best thing about them is the customization they allow; if you need a bit of tightening, loosening or hoisting, the knotted style is a perfect pick for you. In case you missed the twist and tie details swimwear somehow, do pick one to wear in the next season because the trend will be on.

Underwire tops

For those who love bikinis but always struggle with fit issues, the underwire top trend came as a savior. This retro-style made a big comeback in the summer of 2020 and was visible in all types of swimwear, from sporty one-piece suits to high-waist bikinis. Nothing gets better than swimwear that gives you an awesome fit and comfort, even while being the hottest trend. This was exactly what underwire tops did for the trendy divas this season!

Belted swimsuits

Another bathing suit trend that was popular this summer was that of belted swimsuits. What women love the most about these suits was the fact that they accentuate their waistline and make them appear a few inches lighter there. If you are a plus-sized fashionista, this is one style that you can nail with ease. And the trend is surely going forward in the next season as well.

This list of trends covers almost everything that happened in the swimwear fashion scene in the summer of 2020. The good news is that most of these trends are here to stay. So if you have bought a few pieces this season, you will definitely get to wear them the next summer too.