5 Ways You Can Consume Cannabis

Marijuana is widely used because of its health benefits such as prevention of diabetes, anti-cancer properties, and weight loss assistance. The traditional way of using marijuana is smoking however not all people can smoke weed because of various reasons. Some think that smoking marijuana ruins their lungs, discolors teeth, and exposes them to chemicals that may ruin their health. The good news is that there are several ways people can use swiss Cannabis and still enjoy its medicinal benefits. If you are also interested in its usage, you shoud first get information from reliable sources like TheExtract.


Have you heard or seen cannabis-infused cookies? Those cookies can make you get the best effect of marijuana without having to smoke. There are also gummies that you can chew and still get the effect of marijuana. There are also digestible capsules that you can use to get the marijuana effect. There is also CBD oil, but what is cbd oil? This is the oil made from cbd extracted from cannabis plants.


This is the full ignition of the flowers for you to obtain the smoke that contains the THC. When you want to smoke, there are various media that you can choose. These include Joints, bongs, bubblers, blunts, and pipes. Choose whichever media is perfect for you and one that can deliver the right quantity of THC for you to feel the impact. Once you do the ignition, you make cannabis release the activated cannabinoids which enter your bloodstream and yield a tremendous amount of benefits.

Vaporizing or Dabbing

When it comes to vaporization, you are trying to turn the marijuana leaves into vapor so that you inhale the vapor. Make sure you heat it without reaching the combustion temperature so that it releases vapor to the environment for you to breathe. People use a butane torch to heat the leaves until they release the vapor for you to inhale. As you are vaporizing or dabbing, you need to have the water pipe attachment that will direct all the vapor to you for you to get maximum impact. Vapor is purer than the smoke that people get from smoking weed which means if you vaporize, you don’t ruin your lungs with smoke.

Topical Application

If you look at products like CBD oils, they can be applied topically and still offer excellent health benefits. Marijuana also has cannabis oils that people can use to eliminate local pains and prevent local infection on the skin. Oils made from flowers that are grown from CBD-rich cannabis seeds are the best choice if you want to eliminate pain. There are also cannabis creams that people apply to get the health benefits indicated on the cream. There are even marijuana lip balms that people can use and still get the same effects of cannabis from marijuana. If you go for topical application, there are no side effects but you will need to use high doses for you to get the impact you want.


These are like cocktails that help the body to recover from certain illnesses. Cannabis-infused tinctures are placed under the tongue for them to penetrate the bloodstream and deliver the desired effect. The good thing about tinctures is that they are quick and blood concentration reach picks within a very short time. For this reason, even a small dose of cannabis can make you feel the impact you want. You need to be careful though to prevent overdosing yourself. You must know the dose quantity of whatever tincture you apply so that you don’t take a small one or overdose yourself.


Marijuana has many formulations that you can use. Whichever formulating you choose, make sure it delivers the impact you would get from smoking or taking it through vaping. Always make sure you consume safe levels so that you don’t ruin your mental stability. Don’t abuse marijuana, take it only when you have a problem that requires marijuana to be eliminated such as regular body pain. Dispensaries in Santa Rosa can help you choose products and show how to dose them.