5 things to make you feel and look more confident during your interview

The rapid competition in the job market continues to kill many dreams. However, there are still chances to prove yourself and clinch your dream job. When you make the cut and get offered an interview, utilize it to shine.

The changing economic landscape has not made it easy for young professionals. However, only the sharpest have a chance. If you have an interview to attend and wondering what to do, we have some tips for you. Here are five things to feel and look confident during an interview.

1. Dress up

An interview is a reason to dress and look sharp. A Tudor watch in hand will alert everyone that you are time conscious. Most professionals wear watches as they are more effective than any other gadget, and they can easily use them without getting distracted.

The panel will judge you for not dressing the role. It does not have to be an exclusive designer ensemble but wear an outfit that presents a professional face to the world. Always dress up adequately on a zoom call.

If you have no idea what to wear, go for neutrals and cover up as much as you can. Wear comfy shoes to avoid falling over when ushered into the boardroom.

Choose an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. A confident look wins over the panel.

2. Documents, please

Carry all your testimonials and certificates with you. Anything that can help convince the panel that you deserve the job should be with you in the boardroom.

Also, use a good-looking folder to clip all your documents. A bad presentation will lose you some points when being interviewed.

Ensure that you have every proof your need to back up any claims on your resume.

3. Get there on time

Set three alarms if you may; you must get there on time. Getting late for an interview shows that you will always run late for work. Keeping the panel waiting is also rude.

Sleep earlier and wake up early to start your day free from stress. Make a time allowance to facilitate any eventualities like traffic or even a puncture.

If by any chance you are late, start by making apologies to the panel for making them wait.

4. Get the facts

Find out what there is to know about the company and get the facts right. Wrong information may get you disqualified.

Research about the company and the job role. Research about the company, its culture, and how they treat employees. Also, find their core values.

Use the internet to gather facts about the job description, like the expected pay range and duties.

A thorough search will give you confidence while answering questions. It will also help you figure out if you can handle working with the company.

5. Practice answering questions

If you do not want to be speechless during the interview, practice answering questions before the interview. Use online resources for a guide on common interview questions and how to answer them.

If you struggle with cold feet, practice in front of a mirror. Rehearse the most common question.

You can look up videos on interview question preparations and how to present yourself. If this is your first interview, it will help you relax and focus on accomplishing your goal.

Take Away

If you are looking to start a career and feel clueless and overwhelmed, preparation can calm your nerves. If you excel at it, you will get the job you want. Utilize the pointers above, and it shall all fall into place once you face the panel. Good luck with the hunt.