3 Expert Tricks for Stunning Fake Eyelashes

False lashes are an absolute must-have for all makeup addicts! From adding length and volume to bringing in all the drama, they can take your look up a notch in no time. But when it comes to applying them, beginners can really struggle – so here are three master tips that will be sure to get your falsies looking flawlessly fabulous! Trust us – these secrets will make you the envy of beauty gurus everywhere.

1. Choose the Right Lashes

Find the perfect fit with Lashes by RK’s lash extension supplies, it can no longer be an overwhelming experience. But with a few simple tips, you can easily pick out perfect ones! First and foremost, make sure their length is suited to the occasion. If it’s a formal gathering then something longer and more dramatic will best suit the situation. On a casual day at home, shorter lengths are ideal for achieving that natural look. Consider choosing from synthetic fibers or real mink fur for better application and texture too! Lastly, don’t forget to check whether they are comfortable on the eyes so you can always feel great no matter where you go!

When it comes to finding the ideal falsies, your choice is key! With a variety of lengths, volumes and designs to choose from, there’s something out there for everyone. If you’re after a subtle look that won’t turn heads on the street – go for lashes that fit in naturally with your own. But if you want some real drama and glamour at an event – take it up a notch with extra length and volume.

When choosing lashes, specially pay attention to the lash bands – the clear or invisible types tend to provide a more subtle, natural finish that seamlessly blends with your lash line. On the other hand, thicker bands are easier to apply and give off a more dramatic effect. Why not get creative and explore different styles until you find ones that flatter your eye shape and taste?

2. Trim and Customize the Lashes

Next, it’s time to get trimming! Carefully snip any excess of the false lash and customize the shape and length to perfectly fit your eyes. Don’t be afraid to cut – you can always make them longer but not shorter if needed. And voila – for an instant glamorous look, enjoy your beautifully trimmed and customized lashes!

Oh no! Are ya making’ the mistake of forgetting’ to customize your false eyelashes? Most fake lashes are always designed with any eye shape in mind, but it’s still important to get those trimmed down for a perfect fit. Compare ’em against your natural lash line and carefully snip off any length that’s beyond the outer corners – this way, you can keep the natural taper; making’ ’em seamlessly blend in with your own.

3. Master the Application Technique

Gently curving the lashes to suit your eye shape will not only give additional comfort but also ensure a better hold. For that perfect, effortless and captivating look, a snug fit is key!

Perfect your approach! Get a handle on how to apply the product. Mastering the application technique is key; going through the process step-by-step will ensure that you get all your ducks in a row to get that perfect finish. Let’s do this!

Applying false eyelashes can be tricky, but with a few goes, you’ll be an absolute pro! Here are some simple steps to help you ace the process:

Dab on a delicate layer of lash adhesive along the lash band and wait up to 30 seconds for the glue to start feeling sticky. This will give you a better grip when placing them onto your eyes for superior adhesion.

Using a pair of tweezers or a special lash applicator, it’s time to apply your lashes! Placing them as close to your natural lash line as possible will give the most secure fit. To get the perfect result, start by placing the strip at the center of your eye and follow up with fixing down each corner – this ensures that those beautiful lashes are going nowhere!

After carefully lashing up, use your fingertips or the back of your tweezers to press the falsies ever so lightly onto your natural lashes. This will merge them together creating a more blended, realistic effect!

Apply one last coat of mascara to fuse together your real lashes and the fakes, setting them securely. This will add volume and clarity to lock in your finished look. Wow – what a difference it makes!