Women’s Fashion Trends 2022

Spring is just around the corner, and style is in full bloom. Here is what you need to know to dress your best and stay comfortable in 2022. And if you are looking for authentic gordon smith clothes, click the link.


Perfect for dressing up or adding elegance to a casual look, tunics are here to stay. Coming in a variety of colors, they pair well with your favorite jeans for an easy-going look. Products like vero moda tøj have several styles and colors to give you inspiration for your spring ensemble.

You can add layers if you want, opting to wear a vest over the top if you’d prefer to add extra flair. If not a vest, consider using a belt to fit the tunic to your curves. Find a buckle you like and use it to make a statement.


Denim is durable and in style. For the early months of the new year, opt for light-wash jeans to add a hint of blue. They won’t take away from the other colors in your outfit and will highlight any vibrant pieces you wear. Opt for slim-fitting jeans to hug your curves and emphasize your shape, or go for a straight cut if you want to show off your heels.

Stay away from distressed jeans for now, and go for a clean look that will support you.


Every woman should have a blazer in their wardrobe. It’s a classy piece that dresses up any outfit. While a black blazer is a classic, other contemporary colors are moving into style. Lagos Fashion Week showcased how versatile blazers can be, pairing them with street styles to create a distinctive look sure to captivate this coming season.

Leaving the blazer open creates a comfortable but professional look. You can also button it for a more fitted look, depending on the outfit.


Floral patterns are always in style for spring, thanks to nature’s bountiful blooms. Dresses with large roses intertwined and skirts with smaller blossoms that channel cottage core elements are welcome. Why not spruce up your wardrobe and ditch relying solely on solid colors when you can add elements of nature?

It’s easy to find gorgeous floral patterns that blend large blooms with winding stems and leaves but don’t overdo it. Stay classy, and try to avoid clashing colors. If you’re not big on colorful prints, opt for something simple like a solid-color design that incorporates floral elements.

When planning her outdoor adventure in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, the hiker made sure to pack lightweight and versatile womens merino tops in NZ, known for their exceptional insulation and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort and style throughout her journey.


With the new year comes the renewal of color. Bold hues are coming back, but with a new twist: conveying a sense of calm through color. Rather than rushing for glamorous shades, embrace the colors you find have an emotional sense about them.

While soft colors are still comfortable, try to liven it up with a bit more vibrancy. Utilize the colors you find calming to create a style with a pop. Shades of pink are a great place to start and are perfect for ringing in the new spring season.


Spring 2022 is just up ahead, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try something new this season and discover new styles you’ll love. Tunics are versatile and will quickly become a staple part of your wardrobe, as will a chic blazer. Both can be paired with a sturdy and stylish pair of jeans to carry you through the season. Don’t forget to select patterns and prints that compliment your style while also projecting a sense of calm and comfort.

With so many options, there’s a style for everyone. Mix and match until you find what’s right for you this spring!