What will it COST you to be that spectacular bridesmaid?

It is always inspiring seeing your buddy or your loved ones wed. After all the long travails of courtship, seeing the couple walk down the aisle is an emotionally exhilarating experience. It is even more thrilling when you are picked from the many to be part of the bridesmaid team.

Nonetheless, in the fever of excitement, being a bridesmaid for the first time is nearly a dicey situation. This is especially when you are not thoroughly informed of your responsibilities and even expenses to be incurred from your end.

There are many things you would need to clear up from the procurement of the bridesmaid accessories even to the gifts that would be given to the bride.

For newbie bridesmaids, let us walk you through the journey of what it would “cost” you to be that charming bridesmaid at the wedding.

Who will foot the bill for the accessories?

Curiosity about who would champion the cost of buying your bridesmaid’s accessories is common among first-timers. Definitely, you are not going to wear rags screaming for sympathy at the wedding – yet it is not your marriage, so why run bankrupt buying the most dazzling accessories yourself? Herein lies the controversy.

Now let us break it down for you.

Fundamentally, the rules stipulate that you take care of your accessories and your shoes on your own. So, if you have always been dreaming of wearing those breathtaking bridesmaid robes, you would have to get them independently.

This is because you would be typically keeping those accessories for your personal use after the wedding ceremony. In some extraordinary cases however, the bride or groom may step in with the stuffed money bags and buy you your accessories.

Also, there are scenarios, where the bride may be wishing for a striking uniformity in the apparel of her bridesmaid convoy, she may buy a particular matching piece –say one unique bridesmaid satin robes for all on the bridesmaid team to wear on that day.

Who will pay for your makeup and your hairdo?

In your merciless quest to dress to kill and murder the show, you would want to get a stunning makeup and possibly new hairdo. But who will pay for it?

This is how it works. In some weddings, the brides allocate a chunk of the wedding budget to get her bridesmaids to wear one unique hairstyle.  In other scenarios, it is “go solo” where everybody is free to dress their hair and do their makeup their own way. In such cases of heterogeneity, individual bridesmaid would have to pay for themselves.

How about the cost of organizing the bachelorette party?

By the unwritten wedding constitution, it is forbidden for the bride to pay for her bachelorette party. This is because the very essence of this party is to spoil the bride and “ostracize” her from spinsterhood. Therefore the cost falls on the bridesmaids as well as the bride’s larger group of friends.

In the case where the bride prefers to procure a special destination for the party, she may pay to arrange it. Then all you have to do as the bridesmaid or invitee is to check into the party.

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