Tripadvisor has rated Escape Hour Escape rooms highly

Edmonton is the capital and largest city in the province of Alberta in Canada, so a large number of people visit the city for professional and personal reasons. Business travelers are interested in finding safe and interesting entertainment options during the weekend when they are free. Similarly others visiting their friends and relatives would like to entertain themselves safely.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many entertainment options in larger cities like Calgary are closed temporarily, so one of the best outdoor entertainment options in Toronto are the Escape Hour escape games.

For playing the escape game, the player has to choose a team of size two to sixteen members depending on the game selected and his group size. Then the team will be given one hour to find clues, solve puzzles and use other methods to escape the locker room.

There are seven escape or locker rooms with different themes like Matrix, Five Lives, Bank Heist, Five Elements, senators quest so that the team can choose the game based on the theme which they are interested in.

Those who have already played escape games will find it easier to exit the escape room, so the games are also rated on the basis of complexity, so that beginners can choose easier games.

Each quest room is designed after extensive research and decorated based on the theme of the game, so that players have an immersive experience and enjoy themselves.

To help the players, Escape Hour has assigned an experienced gamemaster for each of the rooms, who will brief the team about the rules for the game, before it starts. He will also monitor the team playing the game to check their progress.

In case any member of the team is facing any problem, they can contact him for help. He will also provide clues to the team if they are stuck at any point and cannot find the clues required to exit the room.

The Edmonton Escape rooms of Escape Hour are considered the large escape room facility in the city. They are extremely popular among the visitors to Toronto, and the rooms have been rated as the most popular option in the fun and games category on Tripadvisor.

Most of the reviewers are extremely happy with the support provided by the gamemasters. Toronto Escape Hour is located in the city centre shopping mall, close to Royal Alberta museum, so tourists and families visiting the museum or shopping mall, can can also schedule an escape game in their trip . Escape Hour also has escape rooms in Calgary on the with facilities,similar to the Edmonton facility.