The Perfect Ring: A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

So you’re about to propose, and you don’t know what kind of engagement ring you should buy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Click to find the ultimate guide.

So it’s about that time in your relationship.

Things are going really well, and they have been for a while. Everything feels just about perfect.

Maybe you’re even thinking about proposing.

But wait, this is a big decision! Not the proposal, you’ve got that under control. The ring! Your hopeful spouse-to-be probably has something in mind, or at least a personal style in mind. This is a lot of pressure.

There are too many options, and honestly, it can get confusing. What kind of engagement ring would they like?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to shop for engagement rings and make sure that you choose the right one.

1. Keep Your Partner’s Style in Mind

Some people are loud and extravagant with their style. Others, more subdued and mild. These things can easily reflect in their jewelry.

Does your partner wear a lot of blingy fashion jewelry? Do they seem to like flatter jewelry that sticks closer to the body? Do they seem the type to want something big and flashy, or small and elegant?

Remember, they’re hopefully going to be wearing this every day for the rest of your lives together. Make sure that it’s going to be something that really reminds you of them, not just the biggest and flashiest thing in the room.

2. Have a Shape in Mind

Not all gem shapes are the same. There are a variety of different shapes and cuts that you can choose from, some more classic than others.

While a princess or an oval would be classic choices, some people like to go with a nice round shape or even a heart.

If this isn’t something you’ve discussed with your partner beforehand, this might be a stressful decision on the spot. It’s best to do a bit of planning to consider exactly what would go best with the gem of your choice and in the setting of your choice.

3. Consider the Setting

This is where a lot of the style comes into play.

Does your partner seem the type to just want one lonely gem, or do they want several smaller ones around a band?

Do they seem to like more traditional shapes, or do you think it might be better to have something funky and unusual?

There are ring settings for every style and personality, from traditional to floral, to whimsical. You just have to choose the one that fits your partner best.

4. Metal Matters

Some people are die-hards for their metals. Pay attention to what your partner wears if they’re into jewelry.

Maybe they have a variety of metals, in which case it might not matter too much.

If they’re someone that happens to have all silvers, or all rose golds, though? It might be best to follow suit.

They’ll probably love whatever you get them, but giving them something that they can consider part of a set that blends into the rest of their jewelry will make it much more exciting and special, and it will show that you’re truly paying attention.

5. Keep Your Budget in Mind

The average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is nearly six thousand dollars (trending up or down depending on region).

While you might have that money to spend, it isn’t necessary to break the bank just to get a beautiful ring. There are plenty of options available that will help cut costs a bit.

Diamonds, in particular, are one of the primary offenders in the high prices of engagement rings, and they’re actually completely inflated. While beautiful, there are other, rarer stones that can be used instead that might suit your partner more (like rubies, or garnets, or the ever-popular opal).

That said, a lot of people love the look of diamonds without loving the cost. For that, there are affordable moissanite engagement rings for every budget. They’re a fraction of the cost of diamonds without sacrificing the clear and shimmery appearance.

No one should go bankrupt for an engagement ring. That money can be better spent going towards your wedding bands, your actual wedding, your honeymoon, or your future together.

6. Try to Get Measurements

It’s okay to have to get a ring sized a bit after the engagement happens, but if you’re able to be sneaky about getting a measurement, a perfectly fitting ring would be magical.

Even if it’s a little bit off, going way too big or way too small could be uncomfortable enough that your future spouse isn’t willing to wear it until it’s re-sized. A rough estimate helps.

You can do this by taking a ring that they already own, if you’re able, or asking a friend or family member to do your dirty work. They might know that something is up, but there will be no proof of what you’re up to.

7. When in Doubt, Just Ask

Ring shopping can be done together, even if it doesn’t feel super romantic. You can do it before you plan on getting engaged at all, or if that feels a bit too drab for you, propose with a stand-in. The stand-in can be something silly, like a Ring-Pop or a plastic ring from a bubblegum machine.

Then, the process of choosing a ring together can be part of the experience and you’ll have the cheaper memento as well.

This might seem boring, but it can save you a ton of stress down the line.

What Kind of Engagement Ring Are You Getting?

There are so many options, and determining what kind of engagement ring to get is a really big decision. It’s okay to be nervous and to take your time getting it just right.

You want to get your loved one something that they will love and cherish forever (and hopefully something that they’ll want to show off to their friends).

Congratulations on your future engagement, and good luck. For more engagement rings, visit our site. You might find your perfect match.