The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping for Men’s Clothing

Men’s fashion does not get the attention that women’s clothing attracts, so it can be tricky to get a handle on which clothes for men are in style. Regardless of the latest trends, here are some simple tips for what to buy and what not to buy for men.


  • Make sure you have the right fit. It will be obvious when men’s clothing is too tight, but a lot of guys don’t know how big is too big. Your shirt should not bunch up when you tuck it in, and the hem of your pants should be just barely touching the top of your shoes. Knowing your measurements can be very helpful.
  • Know what you like. If you aren’t sure, find pictures of yourself that you like and think about the clothing colors and styles you are wearing. Or find pictures of men dressed in a style you like.
  • Take a clothing inventory before you shop. Know what you need and make a list. This narrows your search from every pair of pants in the store to just all the khakis, jeans, etc.
  • Buy pieces so you can mix and match. You want a shirt that you can wear with different pairs of pants, and vice versa.


  • Don’t buy the first thing you see and rush out. Try it on. Compare prices. The extra effort will save you money and time returning items.
  • Don’t overbuy t-shirts with designs and logos. It’s tempting, I know.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you have been limiting yourself to one style of dress shirt or basic color of pants, branch out a little bit. Throw a bright color in somewhere.
  • Don’t buy clothes with cleaning instructions you won’t follow. If it says not to put it in the dryer, you cannot put it in the dryer. So, make sure you have the patience for any special instructions.