Socks Are In Again! How to Pull off the Funky Sock Look

When you think of socks, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Smelly, hole-ridden cotton socks that have been sitting in your cupboard too long? Pesky little pieces of underwear that seem to magically get lost somewhere between the laundry basket and washing line? 

Really, where does that one sock go? Does it elope with those hair ties that also, seem to disappear into thin air? Well, the point is, socks have never really had their place in the fashion spotlight. Until now that is. 

Over the last few years, socks have evolved into becoming tiny fashion statements. Slowly but surely, people have cottoned on to the power of the sock and this simple item can transform an entire outfit. 

And the best things about these statement socks? They are inexpensive, can be changed for daily new looks and there are endless possibilities. In fact, to be kept up to date with the latest sock trends, why don’t you consider signing up for a sock subscription? You will be sent the latest, trendiest look regularly and won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home! 

So, how should you wear them and what can you pair these socks with? We took a look at the 2020 sock trends. 


Socks and Sandals: Yup, You Read Right 

Who would have ever thought that this trend would have snuck back into the 21st century, but here we are! Not only are we dealing with COVID-19 lockdowns, prohibitions, looting, and murder hornets, but a backslide to the ’80s in fashion has also been pegged for 2020. Runways have been absolutely crammed with the ankle sock-sandal trend, from Michael Kors to Fendi and even Marc Jacobs, and celebs have already picked it up, rocking it on the streets. 

If you can pull off this trend, we absolutely applaud you! It is not easy, but with the right elements, you can join in on this trend and give your outfit the pop it might need. 

So, how should you wear them? You can dress it up with a dress or long skirt and pair the statement ankle socks with a pair of pumps or heeled sandals. 

You can also opt for a pair of jeans or even leggings and top it off with a long coat or dad shirt. Make sure that you roll your jeans up to hover just above the ankle socks, opt for a brightly colored pair, or even a lace pair with all the trimmings. 

This look is retro drama, so you can really go all out! Loafers and moccasins can be given a burst of color when paired up with work slacks and a coat. Bright red socks peeking out from under the slacks are eye-catching enough just to make an impact. 


Working Gents, This is for You

Let’s take a quick look at how the gents can wear their socks this year. For years, most men have had to compromise with going to work every day wearing the standard shirt, work pants, tie, and work shoes. It’s boring and has been overdone for so long now that even the Dwight Schrute’s of the world are looking to mix up their outfits a bit. 

This is where your statement socks come in. What we love about them is that you can still rock a sleek look to your boardroom meeting, and have a non-obvious pop of color tucked into your shoes. 

A great combo, if you are looking for inspiration, is a set of printed socks with a navy suit and tan work shoes. Make sure you pick out a belt that matches the shoes and forgo the tie. You can go for some really cool colorful patterns and include reds, yellows, greens, and blues. 

There is a big but here! Novelty socks are an absolute no! If they have a joke on them, ditch them. Go for carefully patterned and classy socks rather than socks that would make dad’s laugh all over the world. 


White Socks? Lace Socks? Athletic Socks? Is This the 80’s?

Incredibly, all of these are making a huge comeback! Who would have ever thought that we would once again be saying, a pair of oversized white socks can be teamed up with your work suit and sandals? But here we are. Gents, if you need to take inspiration from someone for this, Jonah Hill is your man.  You could even go for some great smartwool toe socks as well.

But keep in mind, you need to wear this on purpose! Dress the outfit like you were meaning to pair this combo up because you could end up looking like you rolled out of bed and pulled on the closest thing you could find. 

Ladies, that mid 80’s Madonna look is back. No, we are not talking about the over teased hair and electric blue eyeshadow. But those delicate little lace ankle socks have made a huge comeback. Dig out a pair of your favorite strappy heels, or even a chunky heeled pair of open-toe sandals. If that doesn’t sound down your alley, a simple pair of courts with the lace look is a definite winner! 

Lastly, athletic socks you ask? Again, amazingly this trend is in too! Think of those long white socks pulled up as far as they can go with the red and blue stripes around the top of the socks. You can pair these up with a pair of boyfriend jeans, naturally rolled up high enough to show the top of the sock or a pair of shorts. Chunky trainers are the perfect offset, so if you can get your hands on a pair of white sneakers, pair them together for the latest look for 2020. Even better, glitter sneakers or gold or silver are a definite must for your wardrobe. So, if you pull on your white athletic socks, slide on a pair of glitter sneakers and complete the look with a mini dress, you will have the “it” look for 2020! 

Last Thoughts

The rule of thumb with this year’s sock trend is to wear it with purpose. Select your shoe and sock combos carefully and don’t be scared of adding more than one statement piece. The look is incredibly reminiscent of the fabulous ’40s and naughty ’80s. So, keep thinking retro every time you look in the mirror. 

The bright colors, the oversized coats and shirts, and eye-catching statement shoes are all a must. So, go and dig through a thrift store and get this retro 2020 look on before it is over.