Moldavite Crystal: Does It Live up to Its Name?

People around the world have been using crystals for many decades now. Healing crystals are part of the alternative medicine world, which many prefer over standard medical treatments. There are a ton of different types of healing crystals, including clear and rose quartz, Jasper, Obsidian, Citrine, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Moldavite, and many others. Each one has a special “power” and works in different ways.

For instance, Amethyst is said to be protective and purifying, while Moldavite is said to be transformative and connective. Many believe that some stones work better than others, but the question we are answering today is: Is the  Moldavite crystal really as powerful as people claim it is? Read on to discover whether it lives up to its name or not.

Moldavite Uses

The  Moldavite rock comes from the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia, which is where it gets its name from and is a slightly dark emerald green stone. When you first pick up a Moldavite crystal, you get a tingling sensation in your hand which then spreads out to the rest of your body, especially your chest, where the heart chakra is. As mentioned, this stone is a transformative one, so be sure to be aware of the transformation it takes you on as it could be mental, physical, or metaphysical.

Healing and Protection

Like many other stones, Moldavite can heal and protect those who have the stone. Many owners have verified its ability to help you recover from previous wounds and protect you from those to come. Given that it originated from an asteroid hitting Earth about 15 million years ago, it is said that it is one of the most powerful stones and one of the most protective. It activates your chakras and makes the owner stronger than ever before. It helps the owner reach an emotional release and makes them open to newer experiences.

Mental Health

Many people disregard the importance of mental health in our day to day lives. A healthy mental state has the potential to change your entire perspective and help you face any challenge that may come your way. Using a real moldavite stone is a great way to heal your mental state by expanding your Crown chakra, located at the top of your head. It will also boost your mental receptors to help your mind heal itself quickly and readapt. Most, if not all, your tension and negative energy will be released when meditating with this emerald stone, which can create a transformative path of healing for its owner.

Heart Health

Heart Health

Your heart chakra is where your heart lies, but it is also where all your emotions and sensations reside as well. When the heart chakra is activated, so are all those emotions, which causes a deep sense of understanding your genuine feelings and, therefore, the ability to deal with and handle them accordingly.

This becomes excellent for your heart health as the negative burdensome feelings of stress, sadness, and anxiety are released and your heart can finally “breathe”.

Understanding Your Inner Self

Given the activation of chakras in your body, you will be able to understand your inner self much better than before. Many stones allow you to discover your true self, but Moldavite not only allows for that discovery but expands your knowledge and inner power as well. Many owners have attested to finally discovering where their path lies and removed nearly all doubts they have had about themselves and their future.

Where Can Moldavite be Found?

Generally speaking, Moldavite can only be found in the Czech Republic, but many have since been picked up and brought from the Moldau River to be sold around the world. A typical crystal ranges anywhere between 8 to 15 dollars per gram, however, if it is less chipped and has a perfect surface, it can go up to 30 dollars or more per gram. Be sure that the stone comes from a guaranteed place so that you are not ripped off, and you can proceed to follow a transformative path.

Whichever crystal you choose, you must first understand its healing powers. Some crystals may cause an increase in certain emotions that you may not be ready to deal with. For example, Moldavite and Andradite increase sensitivity, so it depends on whether you feel that this is something that you need in your life at the moment or not. Do your research on the different types of crystals out there before choosing one, as each stone has unique healing powers. As you should be able to tell by now, Moldavite is one of those powerful crystals that definitely lives up to its name.