Incredible Uses For Custom Embroidery

Embroidery has been used in numerous ways throughout the centuries to decorate homes. Although there is evidence of embroidery and stitching in ancient clothing, it was also heavily used in wall coverings and tapestries.

In the 19th century, unique beetle wing embroidery was popular in Thailand and India before being appropriated by the English. Then in the 1900s floral patterns emerged in Paris fashion as embroidery came into vogue.

Examples of embroidery from the 14th century are on display in museums for the public to see. And it is clear that embroidery is an art in its own right.

Today, embroidery is still used in fashion. And custom embroidery has many other uses.

How is custom embroidery used today?

One common use for custom embroidery is for corporate uniforms and workwear. Individuals can use firms like Shop Strange Boise Idaho embroidery to embellish baseball caps with unique designs. But, commonly, businesses use custom embroidery to add branding to uniforms and merchandise.

Of course, embroidery is used to add decorations to children’s dresses and to enhance other garments. Embroidery is used on furniture coverings and quilts too.

Yet, it isn’t how embroidery is used, but what uses this type of decoration has. Embroidery can be used as a marketing tool, and for giving life to old clothing.

What uses does custom embroidery have?

Embroidering by hand involves skill and often a great deal of time. Modern machines are used by embroiderers at home to speed up the process and to create complex colored designs. Embroidery businesses use industrial-type machines to produce hundreds of stitches per minute.

No matter what method is used for embroidering, there are many ways to benefit from this unique decorative form.

Upgrading old or plain clothes

Upcycling has gained popularity with people renovating old pieces of furniture, and repurposing household items.

Embroidery can be used to enhance or embellish plain items of clothing. Even old pieces of clothing can be given new life by creative touches of embroidery.

Use embroidery to create an online business

It is said that about 45% of Americans have a side hustle. You could use creative embroidery to make your own side gig.

If you find a local embroidery shop and link up, you could sell custom designs online. Take customers’ designs and digitize them for the shop to embroider. Or, build your brand and sell items with your designs embroidered on them.

Alternatively, create crafts to sell at market

If Etsy and Shopify aren’t your things, then take your side hustle to local crafts markets. Home sewers can make a small side income from producing embroidered pieces and selling them.

Cost-effective advertising for your business

For businesses, custom embroidery offers a way to advertise the company name. When compared to television or billboards, branded merchandise is a cost-effect form of advertising.

Branded merchandise can be worn by staff, and sold to consumers. And the more products that are bought, the lower each piece will cost.

Embroidered uniforms will increase employee morale

By giving your staff new professional uniforms, you will show you care about their well-being. Well-made uniforms will make staff feel good at work, and give them a sense of pride.

Uniforms also help to improve teamwork and create a feeling of solidarity. But, when custom embroidery and branding are added, this takes the uniform’s appearance to a whole new level.

Giving your workers a stylish uniform says you care about how they feel when they come to work. Employee morale leads to higher retention rates and increased productivity.

Embroidered clothes tags for fashion

When you were young and went to school, perhaps your mom sewed name tags on your clothes. Well, embroidered clothes tags have moved on since then. A fashion designer could use custom embroidery to create clothes tags that add class to garments.

Embroidered name tags add finesse, and help to increase the identity behind a brand.

Custom embroidery increases brand awareness

Branded merchandise provides a type of free advertising, but it is brand awareness that many businesses seek.

You might have spent considerable time choosing the best name for your business. Now, you need to make people aware of your brand. Many tools can help with brand awareness. Social media is highly popular, and branded merchandise works very well still.

7 out of 10 marketers use branded merchandise to boost brand awareness. Whether it is a consumer out walking in one of your baseball caps, or your staff attending a call out; branding increases awareness of companies.

For example, using branding on uniforms means that customers’ neighbors will see your staff when they are working. Embroidered branding plus word of mouth from customers will help your reputation grow.

Merchandise can be used for promotions

Everyone loves a freebie. Running competitions on social media is a great way to boost engagement, and increase brand awareness.

Embroidered merchandise makes great giveaways as prizes or gifts. By running online giveaways and gifting branded merchandise, you are generating buzz around your products. And you will also generate more sales.

One study showed that 85% of people given promotional merchandise made a purchase from that business after. Social media events don’t need to be expensive either. Unusual accessories can be branded such as bandanas or shopping bags.

Embroidery livens up tote bags

Speaking of shopping bags, a little home embroidery can liven up everyday items such as tote bags. Instead of purchasing a bag-for-life or using plastic bags, liven up a tote bag and create something unique.

Embroidered patches also make good giveaways

Back in the 80s and 90s, embroidered patches were hot. Think Maverick’s bomber jacket in Top Gun and you’ll be on the right track. Now, embroidered patches are making a resurgence.

As merchandise, embroidered patches are cost-effective. They cost little to make and can be shipped easily. The markup on embroidered patches is such that they make good giveaways and promotional items.

Anyone who sews your patch on their daypack or jacket is effectively advertising your brand for free.

Custom embroidery can be used to decorate a home

You can use an embroidery shop to bring your ideas to life by decorating pillowcases or creating wall hangings. Or, you can get a machine and start sewing yourself.

Embroidery adds texture to materials and gives color to existing home decor. The embroidery itself presents a great way to add customization to cushion covers and window furnishings.

And embroidery can simply provide a great hobby

Embroidery is creative and allows the sewer to express themselves. Having a hobby is a proven way to improve mental well-being too.

Embroidery is an art form. Embroidery has been used through the years to tell stories and communicate. And embroidery has been a part of fashion since it was first used in ancient civilizations.


Custom embroidery can be used to create professional uniforms for staff that not only bolster morale but increase brand awareness. Branded merchandise helps to grow customers and create customer loyalty. Simply giving away branded merchandise can improve sales.

While custom embroidery can be used to help advertise and build brand awareness, it also makes a great hobby. Amateur sewers can liven up old garments and bring them up to date. And embroidery might even present an opportunity to create a small side hustle.