How to Wear Crop Swim Tops on Your Next Beach Outing

Summer is approaching, meaning beach season is already upon us. If you want to add stylish swimwear to your collection, crop swim tops should be at the top. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they also offer versatility and fashion-forward appeal.

Crop swim tops are a great way to show off some skin while maintaining modesty. These shorter tops hit at or slightly above the belly button and can be paired with high-waisted bottoms for added coverage or low-rise bikinis for a more daring look. If you’re unsure how to style them, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! This article will show you how to wear crop swimsuits on your next beach outing.

Choose the Right Fabric

The crop top’s material is essential when choosing what can comfortably fit into an individual’s body type. While selecting one fabric over another won’t necessarily change its overall shape or cut, different blends have different benefits.

Some materials that work well with somewhat heavier bust types will provide contouring support and breathing room in humid climates. Nylon blends tauten nicely once in contact with water. In contrast, polyesters safely minimise dampness build-up under overlay bikini styles where the extra fabric could feel too weightier than those wearing regular two-piece swimsuits.

Pick Your Favorite Style

This summer, crop tops offer many styles that cater to diverse personality types and individual preferences. From halter-neck designs that create a wider shoulder appearance through straps connecting behind to strapless variations that grant greater shoulder freedom for navigating vigorous waves without needing to hold onto anything, there’s something unique for everyone. Moreover, short-sleeved cuts can help minimise the shadows cast by sunburns and alleviate arm discomfort. Whether you’re seeking a distinctive look or enhanced protection against skin damage, these crop top shapes have got you covered.


To complete your beach look, use the perfect pair of sunglasses, a wide-brim hat, or even some tasselled earrings. These accessories will enhance your outfit and protect you from harmful sun rays and heat.

Choose Your Bottoms Wisely

Pairing crop tops with the right style of bottoms is key to looking chic and fashionable on the beach. You can choose high-waisted bikinis that offer full coverage or low-rise bottoms that add a touch of sex appeal. When opting for high-waisted bottoms, ensure they hit the smallest part of your waistline to accentuate your curves without hiding them.

Comfort is key to your outfit choices, and ensuring that your lower half complements the style of your top is crucial. Asymmetrical styles can create dramatic lines that seamlessly meld into a unified look, unlike mixing two patterns. Opting for smaller patterns can cleverly conjure the illusion of a more defined contour, while bold prints tend to emphasise space. Whether you’ve never had a bikini wax, are hesitant about the crowd at bustling beaches, or prefer more serene shores, your outfit should empower you to feel confident. Remember, it’s all about embracing your unique style and comfort, allowing you to savour every moment under the sun, whether on the sand or by the water.

Mix and Match Colors

Crop swim tops come in various colours, from vibrant neon shades to soft pastels. Feel free to mix and match these tops with your off-duty outfits during the summer. There’s no fixed formula for determining which colour combinations work best; it’s all about personal taste and creativity. People with a neutral preference might gravitate toward monochromatic options, such as blending icy white with beige-coloured stripes. On the other hand, those who embrace bold choices might effortlessly merge vivid blues, reds, greens, yellows, mustards, oranges, pinks, purple, and teal. This reflects the diverse palette options one might choose when decorating their home, influenced by annual reports on buying trends released each winter.

Interestingly, colour pairings that might appear opposing can surprisingly yield the best harmonies, influenced by an individual’s physique and self-confidence. Bright colours remain in vogue, resonating with trends reported among Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and more, globally influencing retailers’ merchandise choices. So, as you curate your summer ensembles, remember that combining seemingly contrasting hues can result in striking combinations that perfectly align with your unique style and self-assuredness.


Crop swim tops are easy to elevate beachwear and feel stylish this summer. Choose a comfortable fabric, select the right style that works for you, accessorise accordingly, pair with complementary bottoms, and mix and match colours to show off your style. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to turn heads at your next beach outing – so go forth confidently and enjoy all the fun summer offers!