How to print on canvas fabric?

Fabric canvas is one of the interesting and durable home decorating items. It’s well-known for its heavy-duty and sturdiness. Fortunately, most of the fabric canvas comes at affordable prices.

If you know how to print on canvas by yourself, you’ll get this excellent décor for your home.

Printing on the canvas fabric needs special skills and supplies. Whereas, the average canvas prints doesn’t need too much expertise.

Whether it is cotton or polyester, most of the fabrics of the canvas are strong and durable. So, even though you don’t maintain  it properly, the canvas will accompany you for a longer time.

Guidelines to print on canvas fabric

With the extreme durability and strength, designing your own fabric canvas gives you the maximum freedom. And this is the best part of the printing on the canvas fabric.

Do you also want to design your own canvas fabric? If so, let’s follow us.

Step 1: Select the theme that you want to print

Firstly, select an image with colorful graphics and design. You can also choose your memorable picture to print.

Now, adjust the picture with the paper type, scale, and the quality of your printer machine.

Step 2: Cut your chosen fabric and freezer paper

Size the fabric and freezer paper that you have selected for printing your picture. Consider the size of the printer machine while cutting both the fabric and freezer paper.

Step 3: Attach the freezer paper with the fabric

Afterward, attach the freezer paper with the fabric. How? Just place the freezer paper on the fabric. Confirm each corner of the freezer paper falls exactly as the same edges of the fabric.

Now, take your iron and pre-heat the iron on high heat. When the iron gets warm, press the freezer paper with it. The shiny wax of the freezer paper will work as a glue and stick with fabric after ironing.

Step 5: Trim off the rough edge with the sharp scissor

Have you placed the freezer paper over the fabric perfectly? Now, take a deep look at the edges of the ironed fabric. You’ll find the dissimilarities at its corners.

Trim off the ironed sheet’s rough edge with a sharp scissor so that there’re no dissimilarities.

Step 6: Insert the ironed sheet into the printer machine

Insert the ironed sheet into the tray of the printer machine. Keep the freezer paper on the upper side while inserting the ironed sheet into the printer machine.

If you’re not sure about the ink’s quality, test its quality with the regular printing paper.

Beforehand, we must say, the inkjet printer is the only suitable printer to print on your fabric. So, don’t use the laser printer to print for your canvas fabric.

Step 7: Check and double-check your printer’s setting

It’s time to press the print button. Beforehand, check and double-check all the possible settings of the printer machine. So everything’s okay? Print the picture on the fabric.

Step 8: Let the ink dry

After placing the print onto the flat surface of the ironed fabric and wait for its color to dry. Within 24 hours, the paint on the fabric will completely dry.

Step 9:  Separate the fabric and freezer paper

Separate the fabric from the freezer paper carefully by using your fingernail. Once the paint dries, you’ll find it very easy to separate the freezer paper’s fabric.

After separation, you’ll notice your selected image is successfully printed on the fabric.

Step 10: Apply the fabric-setting spray

Apply a fabric-setting spray on the image so that it doesn’t fade away from the fabric. When spraying, make sure the color of the print doesn’t go away with the spray. Wait until the finishing spray gets dry properly.

Step 11: Attach with a canvas panel

Finally, attach the fabric with a canvas panel and get your desired fabric canvas in your hand.


The sum up!

Indeed, it’s a little complicated to apply an image on your canvas fabric. Whereas, it’s also a truth that beautiful things need a little effort and creativity to get.

So, even though you don’t know how to print on canvas fabric, learn it from our guidelines.

Get your desired canvas fabric and enjoy the beauty.