How to hang a tapestry with a dowel?

When living at your own house, there’s no problem with hanging a tapestry permanently onto the wall, isn’t so? In that case, you can use the dowel rod to hang the tapestries to your room.

Whether you want a soundproof wall or replacement of headboards, hanging a tapestry is a great option. It’s a renter-friendly art that gives high value for the money. Indeed, everyone loves to decorate our room with an affordable price, don’t we?

Perhaps, that’s why almost all of us want to hang the tapestry onto our wall permanently. And using the dowel rod is the best solution of hanging the tapestry to the wall ever.

Especially when your tapestry comes with the dowel pocket, you’ve no option but to use a dowel to hang it.

Hence, we have covered this article on how you can hang a tapestry with the dowel rod. Let’s just begin!

Guidelines of hanging tapestry with a dowel

Having a colorful tapestry not only enhances a room’s beauty but also refreshes your moods. Needless to say, how efficiently the tapestries cover the crack and fracture of your wall.

To hang the tapestry with a dowel in your room, you need to know the proper guidelines. Here are the instructions on how you can hang your tapestry with the dowel rod.

Step 1: Get the right dowel rod.

First of all, choose a dowel rod that perfectly fits in the existing décor of your room. Also, make sure your selected dowel rod is a bit bigger than your tapestry.

Step 2: Determine the right place to hang

The place which always remains in front of your eyes is the right place to hang the tapestries. Furthermore, the full tapestry must be covered by the looks of an averaged size person.

Always consider the wall that is almost the same size as the tapestry you have selected.

Step 3: Iron your tapestry

If your tapestry is made of the soft fabric, mandatorily iron it before hanging on the wall. Test the heat of the iron prior to applying on the tapestry. That’s because the excess heat from the iron might burn the fabric of your tapestry.

Step 4: Make holes onto the wall.

To attach the brackets, make holes onto the wall where you’re going to place the tapestry. Create the even holes which are perfect for your chosen dowel rod. Use the drill machine to make the holes.

Step 5: Attach the brackets into the holes

Take the brackets and attach them with the holes of the wall. Use the correct screw to set the brackets through the wall.

Step 6: Enter the dowel rod into the tapestry’s pocket

Enter the dowel rod into the top pocket of your selected tapestry. Push a little to enter the rod and bring out from the opposite side of the tapestry’s pocket.

Step 7: Attach the dowel rod with the brackets.

Now, it’s time to hang the tapestry onto your walls. For that, enter the dowel rod into the brackets with the placed tapestry. After hanging the tapestry onto the wall, check for the last time if everything seems secure or not.

Is everything okay? If so, then enjoy the beauty of your colorful tapestry.

The sum up!

See! With a few easy and consecutive steps, how effectively, you have hung the tapestry through the dowel rod. Of course, it would consume some time to hang the tapestry with the dowel rod.

Nevertheless, once you know the consecutive process of hanging the tapestry, you can do it on yourself. So, hang the tapestry onto the wall and enjoy the beauty.