Four popular tzitziz on the Net

Tallit is a prayer robe, shaped like a rectangular coat that resembles a scarf / blanket used by men as a scarf over his robe. On one long side of this Tallit is Attarah. Because of these two elements, Tallit is seen as a royal sign to enter the sanctuary and the priesthood as a veil in spiritual warfare.

Attarah is a long side decoration of Tallit made from embroidered blessings pronounced when Tallit is worn, namely

“Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu melekh ha‘ olam asher kid’shanu b’mitsvotav v’tzivanu l’hitateif b’tzitzit ”
which means:

“Blessed be You YHWH our Lord, King of the Universe, Who sanctified us by His commands and Who commanded us to wear Tzitzit”

The meaning of Attarah (Crown)

1. When we pray we need full attention / focus on God. When Tallit is placed above the head, this part of Attarah looks like a crown. When we covet a crown on our heads, the best way is to pray.

2. Attarah reminds us of the commandments of the Law in Numbers 15: 37-41 and Deuteronomy 22:12. Tallit is not a fashion design from Italy or from Paris but God’s design.

Tzitzit is special strings attached to the four corners of the tallit. Along with the development of fashion, tzitzit has undergone many changes. Now, Jewish men tend to buy from online judaic shops because they can have more choices.

Here are some popular tzitzis (the plural form of tzitzit) that can be purchased online:

1. Chabad wool Tzitzit – Silk garment corners, round collar

This tzitzit is of high quality because it is 100% made of sheep’s wool. It comes without thread but you can easily add handmade thread. This tzitzit is priced at $ 33.00.

2. “The Reinforced” wool Tzitzit with white or black stripe

Made from 100% real sheep’s wool, it comes without thread. However, just like Chabad wool Tzitzit, you can add handmade thread. This tzitzit is equipped with a round or straight collar. Sold for $ 18.00.

3. Blue “T-tzit” – T-shirt with Tzitzit

This blue tzitzit is equipped with openings that fit on both sides of the shirt. This is highly recommended for men who sweat easily. For some people, this is “ventilated tzitzit”. To note, there is no tassel under the clothing. The v-neck tzitzit is quite fashionable and suitable for use by young men. You can get this for $ 15.00.

4. Wool Tzitzit – Airy Wool Tallit Katan (V-neck)

This v-neck tzitzit is made from breathable material that is suitable for use in a hot day. Recommended for people with strenuous activities. Having passed shatnez testing, this is one of the best-selling on the market today. This tzitzit is priced at $ 35.00.

The four tzitzis above are some examples of quality tzitzis that are popular in today’s online stores. Buying online is a solution for those of you who want a variety of tzitzis at affordable prices. Now, you will have no trouble answering the question “Where are jewish shops near me?”