Five amazing jewelry styling tips for the working woman

Women tend to go for that “all business” look in office fashion, but they often look dull. Let’s face it, when the leading lady in movies arrives with perfect hair, high heels, and the right accessories at the office, we can’t help but feel envious. But not you, no way! All the ladies can agree that it is harder to pick the right jewelry than an outfit for work.

Because working women have more important things on their hands than putting all their efforts into their looks, that’s why we say that if you can’t pick a perfect outfit every day, use the right accessories to pull all effortless looks. Got no idea where to start?

Don’t worry; with the following fantastic jewelry styling tips, you will be rocking your office looks without a sweat!

1. Avoid creating layers

Yes, avoiding layers is the opposite of what you’d usually do to achieve fabulous looks every day. However, you should know that subtleness is on top of the list regarding office style. You need to look classy yet business-like and make a statement yet don’t draw too much attention.

Your outfit single-handedly cannot achieve all that, and that is why layering your jewelry is not the right style to go with. Professional looks are all about keeping it simple yet elegant. Layering necklaces, rings, and bracelets may come off too fancy for office attire.

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You need to choose the right pieces that subtly glamourize your outfit. You can go for delicate silver drop earrings, diamond studs, and tiny pendants as your go-to jewelry for every office outfit.

2. Pay special attention to your earrings

No look is complete without a pair of earrings. Even if you wear the tiniest studs, it counts because earrings are that staple jewelry that can make any outfit come to life. Whether it’s diamond studs, hoops, or dangly earrings, each pair acts as that secret ingredient that brings magic to a boring outfit.

For office style, you must choose earrings according to the shape of your face. Most people will advise you to go for studs no matter what, but if you style according to your face, you can even make long earrings work as business attire.

For instance, a heart-shaped face is best complemented by studs wider at the bottom, while a round face can pull off medium-sized drop earrings even in the office. You can even go for minimalist geometric shapes as they look chic on printed shirts, while small drop-shaped studs will also do the trick.

3. Wear necklaces according to your neckline

Pendants, necklaces, and chains are jewelry that is instantly visible over any outfit. Chunky pendants and long necklaces are a big no-no for office style because they are blingy and flashy. That’s why the best type of jewelry when it comes to your neck is near-neck pendants.

Tiny delicate pendants look extremely attractive and accentuate femininity even if you are wearing a plain button-down shirt to work. The great thing about small pendants is that you can even layer them, and they would still look elegant.

You can even go for a light choker if you want to make a bold statement or stick to a sentimental piece. One more styling tip you should keep in mind when going for necklaces is to consider your neckline. For instance, a rule of thumb is that your necklace should be long enough to sit above your outfit or shorter than the neckline.

For example, pendants are the right jewelry to wear under turtlenecks, while a choker or short pendant works best with a collar. Not only for office looks, but you can use this tip to select the right jewelry for all occasions.

4. Trade bracelets for watches

Bracelets are great accessories as they fill your bare wrists and look incredibly stylish. However, there’s a catch when it comes to work fashion. Chunky and flashy bracelets which tend to make noise are not appropriate for your office look.

If you can trade, then we’d recommend going for stylish wristwatches instead of bracelets. Wristwatches look professional, functional, and expensive. These are practical, and there are not many things that can go wrong with a wristwatch. You can go for a square or vintage round dial with leather straps or chain lock. You don’t need to put too much effort into choosing the right watch; keep two or three sophisticated and sleek wristwatches in neutral tones.

5. Keep a variety of attractive rings

Our hands and fingers are generally the most exposed parts of our body, so people are likely to glance at them more. This means that you cannot leave your hands, especially your fingers, empty if you want to bring your outfit together.

Rings are a few essential pieces of jewelry that are a must-have for almost every type of look. When it comes to professional attire, statement and minimalist rings will enhance the overall outlook. We recommend keeping various rings as your go-to accessories if you don’t prefer wearing the wedding band to work.

Go for single-stone or plain rings, preferably gold or silver. Choose thin band rings rather than chunky or thick ones and avoid layering your rings. Go for delicate pieces so that you can wear one or two on both hands.

We recommend going for gemstones rings, floral motifs statements, delicately embellished rings, brass band rings, round cut silver rings, floral motif open rings, and so on.


A person needs to look presentable, attractive, and calm at all times. Whether in the office or hanging out with friends, wearing the right jewelry with a matching outfit is essential for looking stylish and confident. When it comes to office style, especially for women, subtlety with a touch of glamour works wonders.

We understand how exhausting it is to pick stylish outfits every day, but you don’t have to put too much effort into your clothes if you know how to style your jewelry. With simple statement pieces such as earrings, delicate pendants, rings, etc., you can bring together even the dullest outfits you may be required to wear at work. Remember, your looks aren’t everything, but there is no harm in looking attractive either.