Engagement Ring Diamond Alternatives

You are finally on the road to spending a lifetime with the man of your dreams. It’s about time to pick up that symbol of love and togetherness to come – your engagement ring. Everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, there are other possibilities to explore. There are other precious stones that could catch your fancy such as engagement rings moonstone that can sweep you off your feet.

Take a look at the other options you have, apart from diamonds. 


It is impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful red stone. The color alone is quite significant. It is the color of love and power. Just like red roses, the ruby is symbolic of an intense devotion and commitment to a loved one. Its charm and beauty last through the years, always reminding you of the pact you have to spend your life together.


The sapphire has been known by many cultures to signify intelligence, good luck, and virtue. When used as an engagement ring, it is believed to lift the spirit and keep a person faithful and honest to their partner. It has also been known to have healing powers that improve one’s physical and mental well-being.


It has been said that Cleopatra adorned herself with this gorgeous green gemstone. The emerald has a rich history and is filled with mystery. When you imagine the color green, you create a picture in your mind of calm and peace. It is a symbol of fertility too, which is perfect for couples who are ready to raise a family. Emeralds also act as a balance. There is a sense of tranquility and inner peace that it provides its wearer. It is also quite stunning.


The simplicity of the pearl is the source of its beauty. Pearls are symbolic of purity. They also symbolize wisdom, which one has gotten through years of experience. Pearls can attract wealth and good fortune for the person wearing it. They can also keep you calm and protect you from negativities. They are also known to be safeguards for children.


The garnet is typically known for its lovely red color. In reality, this gemstone comes in a variety of hues. It is reputed to be a spiritual gemstone with its healing powers and its ability to provide protection. It is also sensual, symbolic of fiery love and intense passion. It encourages creativity and inspires one to share their unique talents with others. It can also represent gentleness and kindness, infusing one’s spirit with good nature and tenderness.

Your engagement ring, no matter what you choose, will be a great source of joy. Wearing it will make you feel that you belong and are loved and cared for. Choose one not only because of its unique beauty, but because it will remind you of what you have. A soul mate who is offering you unconditional love for all the years to come and a family to call your very own.