Embellishments That Can Turn an Outfit Around

Embellishments are pretty features of clothes. They are decorative details that can make our clothing more appealing and stylish. Also, for people who make clothing for a living, adding embellishments or enhancements also adds value to the item, giving them more profit. Wearing pieces of clothing with pretty embellishments can also boost people’s self-confidence, as an outfit with a striking design gives us a kind of inner satisfaction, which is greater than wearing a plain piece of clothing. Embellishments are also perfect for those who are adventurous when it comes to clothing. 

Adding embellishments to your clothes depends on the type of fabric it has. You cannot place a heavy embellishment like lots of beads and sequins to a very thin top, as it would likely become damaged. Aside from being a decoration on clothes, embellishments can also be functional and practical. One example is buttons. You can use them as a closure and as a decoration. You can also use embellishments to cover damages or stains on clothes. 

If you are looking into upgrading your plan clothes by adding some embellishments to them, were are here to help you. Today, we are giving you some of the best embellishments that can turn an outfit around. 


This is a device that is added to another surface. It is a common technique in the world of fashion, and you can do this in different ways. Appliqués can be anything from metals, rhinestones, other pieces of fabric, plastic, paper, sequins, and more. A lot of designers use these embellishments as applying elements to a piece of clothing can give it dimension, volume, and visual interest. 

If you want to use this technique in your clothes, make sure that you choose plain ones. Never add appliqué to pieces of clothing that are printed, as it will become too busy. Try to concentrate on one centerpiece as it will make your clothes look more stylish but not overpowering. 

This is probably the easiest method to add embellishments to your clothes. You can simply buy wholesale charms that you can sew or glue on your clothes. You can even use them on other accessories like bags and belts. It is a perfect choice if you want to add some sparkle to your plain and boring outfit. 


flowery embroidery on fabric

This is the process of creating decorative designs on a piece of clothing. It can be done either by hand or by machine needlework. Embroidery can transform any garment and turn it around. When it comes to embroidery, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to maximize its design. The best embroidery is those that have contrasting colors to the colors of the garment. Its design, color, and execution should also stand out if you want a head-turner outfit. 

However, if you are not looking into making a striking outfit but still want to incorporate embroidery into your clothes, you can choose an embroidery design that has the same color as the piece of clothing. This way, its effect is subtle but still makes your outfit look stylish in an elegant way. 


This might be rare or strange for some, but painted clothes are also very stylish and are very special. If you are an artsy person, painting your clothes is one of the ways to make them look more stylish. You can also buy clothes that are already painted. Wearing clothes that are touched by an artist’s hands and brush is one of the great style statements out there. 

Also, pieces of clothing that are hand-painted are unique, and there can’t be two alike. This makes them a great thing to wear, especially if you are looking into conveying a message about uniqueness or originality through the clothes you wear. Therefore, if you want to wear something unique, you can try painting your plain clothes. 

These are some of the embellishments that can turn an outfit around. Adding embellishments to clothes is like adding accessories to your style. It is a great way to speak through your clothes without the need to say anything or explain to anyone what you have in mind. It is perfect for those who want to stand out in a positive way and those that want to be noticed. In addition to that, adding embellishments to pieces of clothing is also a way to showcase your artistic side. We hope this post helped you learn more about clothing embellishments.