Big Bike Touring: Why it is So Popular in the UK

We all wait eagerly for the winter to leave in the UK, as this signals the arrival of spring and then summer, which is really the only time you can ride a motorcycle in relative comfort. For the British big bike enthusiast, riding begins in April and ends in September and in this article, we will outline a few of the reasons why big bike touring is here to stay.

Cheap Travel

Simply put, there’s no cheaper way of getting about; when you compare costs with a car, the bike wins every time. Fuel consumption, road tax, insurance, are all cheaper than any car and that adds up when you are planning a short touring holiday. Take the new Kawasaki sports tourer as an example; this superbike has better fuel consumption that the average small family saloon car, plus it can match the fastest sports car for acceleration.

Freedom & Independence

There’s nothing to compare with loading up your panniers and heading off into the sunrise on your big touring bike and with no one to tell you where to go or how long to stay, you are as free as a bird. Touring can include camping, which is the cheapest way to holiday, or you can book accommodation in small hotels and local inns, either way, you can enjoy the natural beauty with backpacking. Click here for some guides to choose backpacks you might like to follow.

Obtaining your Full Motorcycle Licence

If you are new to motorcycling, you will need to start with a small bike (no more than 125cc), which requires the Class A1 licence, after which comes the A2 that allows you to ride bikes with a power output of no more than 35kW. Within two years of obtaining your A1 licence, you can take the full test and obtain the coveted Class A licence and that enables you to ride any size bike.

Forget Heavy Traffic

With more cars going on the road on a daily basis, we can expect traffic to become even more congested, if that is possible, yet on a motorcycle, you can weave through stationary cars and be on your way. In the summer months, we see traffic jams in all the popular tourist areas and if you are touring on two wheels, this will be a minor inconvenience.

If you have a sense of adventure, why not invest in a touring bike and start exploring the great British countryside? Of course, you will need to spend some time looking at bikes, in order to choose one that best suits your needs and with an online search, you can view the many great models available and then book a test ride.

Let’s not forget safety; a decent quality full-face helmet, leather jacket and pants, plus a pair of motorcycle gloves and you are good to go. There’s nothing that compares with big bike touring and once you have had a taste, you will be hooked.