Anime Merch You Need to Get in 2022

The rise of anime means that there are also anime fans, otaku, as they call themselves, everywhere. As an otaku, you would want to get your hands on every anime merchandise you can get. While you would want to decorate the whole basement with anime merchandise, you also want to go screaming to the whole world you are an anime fan. You can wear clothes printed with your anime characters, or wear the same clothes as your favorite anime. Depending on how hardcore you want to get, these are the anime merch you need to get in 2022.

Anime neckties and tie clips

When you have to go to the office, because even otaku need cash too, you can choose a necktie and tie pin with an anime design. For any occasion that requires you to wear a tie, having an anime-designed necktie and pin, will help you express yourself. You can choose a more crude design showing huge images of anime, which may be frowned upon or you can choose a more subtle design. For whichever way you wish to express yourself, do not worry, there are a variety of designs you can choose from.

Anime themed backpacks or bags

Adults and kids alike love a cute backpack or bag. The bag is the most useful accessory. You can put a lot of stuff in there and it can carry anything for you. A bag with a print or embroidery of your favorite anime character would be an awesome fashion statement wherever you go. A good bag, if you choose the right design, even when it is printed with an anime character would go well even with formal outfits. The otaku in you would always want to boast about the anime you are supporting and carrying a bag would be the most subtle sign to express it.

Anime T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other apparel

The most common anime fan merchandise that almost every otaku has. The challenge in the anime industry is that there are apparels that are available everywhere that are not licensed. Another challenge is that getting a license for the anime designs is so expensive that buying a licensed t-shirt would sometimes cost more than $20. Despite the challenge, some anime fans would insist on buying legitimate merchandise.

Being the most common anime merchandise, this is available in almost every retail and online store so getting one would be easy. The challenge you would face is if you are giving a gift to an otaku friend. How would you choose the right apparel? You need not worry about this, you can easily have this customized so it would also be unique.

Anime costumes and accessories

A lot of otakus are also cosplayers. You would want to go to an anime convention showcasing what your favorite anime character looks like. Some would go as much as make the costume themselves, while others would opt on buying the costumes and accessories online. There are costumes for a lot of anime characters. If you choose lesser-known anime characters, they might or might not be available online. The availability of the costumes would depend on the popularity of the characters.

Anime sneakers collaboration

Some sneakers were inspired by anime. Some of these even collaborated with huge sneaker companies. Some of these sneakers sold out within days of release and are only available for reselling. It is difficult to get a hand on some of these sneakers as they became collector’s items. Despite being expensive, sneakers would be some of the most sought-after merchandise in anime.

Phone casing with anime design

These are easily available everywhere. There are phone casings with different anime designs sold almost everywhere. Some of these phone casings that were inspired by anime could be more expensive as they have to pay for the license of the design as well as for the material used to protect your phone. What your phone looks like is already a fashion statement. It can be bejeweled or it can have the face of your favorite anime character. Depending on how you want to express yourself, your phone accessory could be one of the safest ways you can do that without how you look.