7 Dangerous Fashion Mistakes Made by College Students

Students at college always want to look cool and fashionable, and girls go to great lengths for that. They always want to look stylish, try to wear something catchy, and at times they go too far, making fashion mistakes.

Of course, it is normal for young people who only start to search for their styles. Girls in college may know little about combining clothes and colors, choosing the outfit of the right style, etc.

Needless to say, there may be many mistakes when it comes to fashion. Even if follow the latest Instagram trends, you cannot be sure that each look will be perfect.

Read this article and find out about the seven most common fashion mistakes college students make – especially girls.

Wearing Clothes You Think Your Boyfriend Likes

Of course, young girls at college want everyone to like the way they look. That’s why some may select some clothes they think boys find attractive.

We assure you it’s not necessary to wear all those mini dresses to classes! Sometimes it’s just enough to be yourself and choose a simple but nice and stylish outfit.

Nowadays, you can find many magazines about fashion to see what kind of things fit a particular style. Of course, it’s not always easy to find enough time for this.

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Too Many Glittering Items

Many young girls love all those shimmery clothes. Still, please, do not wear them to college for weeks!

Of course, you can choose glittering outfits for parties – there you will look just awesome. But better avoid making this mistake while preparing for lessons.

If you still have the temptation to select such a piece, balance it with something simple. For example, a sequin top with a plain skirt may look neat.

Too Much Is No Good

Many girls in college think they need to look exotic and grab everyone’s attention. Remember – short clothes don’t really suit everyone!

Even a long dress or a blouse and plain culottes may look awesome if you select the right accessories and fashionable shoes. Keep this in mind and always consider whether the outfit you choose is acceptable to wear in college.

Having a Messy Closet

Any woman knows this problem – the closet is full, but there is nothing to wear!

If you don’t keep your clothes in order, you will encounter this problem again and again. Try to find some time to sort what you have.

Make a pile of those items you don’t select at all or wear rarely. Consider sharing them with those in need and stay away from thoughtless consumerism. You don’t really need that many clothes and eco-friendliness is on the rise!

Look at the rest of the clothes and think about what sets you can compose of them. If you do it beforehand, this will help you choose the right outfit for college in the morning without wasting time and nerves!

Wearing Baggy Clothes Only

Needless to say, sometimes we all feel lazy and wear our favorite baggy clothes.

We suggest balancing your outfit by adding a structured item from time to time. For example, add a belt or tuck the top in pants. This way you will look perfect and enjoy the comfort of loose clothes at the same time.

Too Much Attention to Colors

Of course, it’s quite important to wear complementary colors. But it doesn’t mean you need to select the same color to wear from head to toe!

Some girls think they have a big problem if their bag isn’t the same shade of blue as their pants or shoes. Yet, there is no problem in combining different shades and looking great.

Buying Trendy Things Only

Many girls spend all the spare money on trendy things because they think it’s the only way to look fashionable and stylish. But if you buy new clothes every season, you may end up with a closet full of things you don’t wear.

To avoid this, make sure you have some classic pieces in your wardrobe. Of course, sometimes it’s good to buy something trendy too. But don’t concentrate on shopping that much!

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the tips above will be useful for improving your style. It’s not too difficult to avoid these mistakes and feel confident in your outfit in college.

Just spend some time on researching your style, and you will look fashionable! It is quite simple to look nice without wasting a lot of money on your clothes and spending hours in the morning before the classes looking in the mirror.