15 Must-Have Fashion Accessories For Men

Fashion is more than just the outfit.  Your style includes how you carry yourself to make an impact when you enter a room.  We all know that no one is born to be stylish, but you can learn various ways to express yourself by searching on the internet.

The key is to express yourself through your fashion. Once you find the style you are comfortable with, you’ll radiate confidence.

Most people would think that clothes are enough to show their styles. Even fashion mags boast expensive suits, pants, and shoes. But do not forget that accessories may be small, but they also add personality to your OOTD.

There are various types of accessories that might you need for your Fashion:

Accessories to Mix and Match

Accessories can add to your style and make you look more luxurious and impressive. Wear accessories that can fit with your style and the event you are attending. They may be small, but it can impact your overall presence so make sure you choose the right accessories.


We all know that shoes are part of your daily wear. People pay attention to your shoes, especially when they don’t know much about you. Shoes are a big hint to your personality. Whether you are going to a big company event or your first day to work, your shoes will speak loudly about you. Thus, it impacts first impressions.


Nowadays, socks are more than hygiene. Pair your socks with your outfit. If you are sporting casual wear, then use this chance to be playful with designs and colors. For formal wear, keep it plain. You can buy good comfy socks from teddylocks.com to avoid wearing old ones with holes. This tip may be simple, but many people regret it when they suddenly have to take off their shoes in public due to unforeseen reasons.


A handkerchief used to wipe your face can also tell a lot about your style.  Always keep a clean hanky with you when you are out. You can even put a handkerchief in a formal suit’s front pocket to show your fashionable side.


Necktie represents honor or positions. You can wear a necktie to various events like weddings, work, company dinners, or fundraising events. But if you are using a necktie, make sure that the color, length, and style suits your outfit. Choose a silk fabric for formal evens and rough textures for casual parties. Throw in a silver or gold tie clip if you’re feeling it.

Bow Tie

If you are not comfortable wearing the necktie, you can use the bow tie and look more fashionable. It even creates a more gentlemanly look.


Sunglasses are essential because they can protect your eyes from the sun, and it can prevent wrinkles around our eyes. They can also add to your outfit to look cool. But always choose the right frames for your face that can fit. Some edges can complement your face’s shape, while others could make you look awkward. Consider your side profiles and cheekbones when buying new sunnies.

Cap, beanie, and beret

Caps used to be considered too boyish. But nowadays many use it as part of their fashion. You can either use a snapback cap, a soft beanie, or the flat-crown beret. There are various colors and styles to choose from but make sure it suits the occasion and the weather. You wouldn’t like to sweat in a beanie in the middle of the summer.


Bags are also crucial because you can put your things inside. If you are traveling, it can impact your travel style and comfort. Are you going to work? You can use a briefcase or a messenger bag. If you carry your laptop around, choose a comfy pack that can protect your gadgets.

Now, if you are going on a company trip for a few days, choose a bag that can carry your clothes, hygiene kits, and shoes in one go. Traveling with multiple bags would be too much hassle. Invest in a high-quality, fashionable bag.


A wristwatch can help you check the time, but it is also considered a significant accessory. Watch style depends on your taste in design and your hobbies. If you are a golfer, you would want a digital watch. Too much swinging will affect an analog watch that runs with a movement. If you are a diver, you would consider an analog watch with moveable bezels like skx007 bezel.

Then you have to consider if you are comfortable with large wristwatches or a smaller one. If you want a more personalized style, you can try to modify a watch. There are numerous watch enthusiast forums teaching seiko mod and more.


Wallet carries credit cards, money, and ID cards, but a bulky wallet can ruin your style. While it serves a practical use, a wallet can also serve as an accessory depending on the event you are in. Let’s say you are in a club and you would pay for drinks; then you have to take out your wallet. If you want to impress the people you are with, buying a fashionable wallet is a must.  Be sure to check out these tactical minimalist wallet reviews as well.


You may say that rings are a given. It is one of the most common accessories, especially if you are married or engaged. But there is no stopping you if you just want to wear one for aesthetics. Try exotic materials, large jewels, or thick metals.


Necklaces are not famous in the range of men’s fashion accessories. If you want to use this piece, make sure that the pendant is not too eye-catching. Large pendants in men are distracting. For a casual look, you can use leather cords.


Belts also wear or paired with pants when you tack in your shirt. You can pair it with the suits. And it tightens the waistband or the garment you are wearing. For formal wear, it is best to match your belt with your bag or shoes. If you are going for a casual look, you can mix-match the colors or shades against your shoes.


Mala bracelets are popular among men though it is a bit controversial since Buddhists treat them with religious regards. Use leather cords for a casual look and gold or silver for formal wear.


Men can wear earrings. Historically, it indicates status and wealth. It is rarely used for formal events unless you have the guts to get a lot of attention. For a casual look, many use a simplistic design rather than the dangling ones.

To boost self-confidence, express yourself with your style. Looking at the mirror and telling yourself that you are good looking is one of the best ways to compliment yourself and boost your confidence. But doesn’t it feel good when someone compliments your fashion?