15 Cool and Unique Home Décor Styles

Are you familiar with the Scandinavian décor style? Do you know what an art deco theme looks like? These terms describe some of the recent home décor trends that are gaining in popularity. You will find many examples of each style across online platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, as well as in wholesale home décor websites.

For some people, home décor vocabulary can seem perplexing. The terms used aren’t always as self-explanatory as interior designers and décor experts assume. For the beginner or the inexperienced, trying to find the right home décor theme with unfamiliar descriptors is a challenge. By getting to know the most common décor terms, you’ll have an easier time to find an appropriate style for your home.

To help you learn more about interior design, below are the descriptions of the fifteen most popular home décor styles.

1. Modern

Modern home décor uses clean, crisp lines. The colors are sleek and simple. The materials have an upper-class, luxury feel to them, such as crafted metal and glass. A modern style utilizes the mantra of less is more. Minimalism is central to upholding its uncluttered appearance.

2. Art Deco

Art deco is a style that first became popular in the 1920s. The style is characterized by its creative use of geometric shapes. You will see a lot of mirrored accents, glass tabletops, and chrome hardware amongst a room exclusive to art deco. An interior designer may also see clashing between colors, which is a part of the art deco style.

3. Bohemian

Bohemian décor is a carefree blend of various vintage elements and international-influenced textiles. Bohemian home décor can be sought out at flea markets, garage sales, and as imports from around the world. The style can be very eclectic and diverse, from simple décor to more Bohemian luxury.

4. Eco-Green

Eco-green home décor heavily emphasizes plants, nature, and wildlife. If you are a major admirer of plants, creating a plant room is a great opportunity to utilize eco-green home décor. The style is fairly easy to achieve. Best of all, you can mix the eco-green home décor with other styles in a primary or secondary role.

5. Mid-Century

Mid-century décor refers to the post-war style of the 1950s and 1960s. The theme also infuses modern tones, with an emphasis on minimalism and functionality at the same time. In a mid-century style, you get a lot of easy-to-use, organic shapes and furniture to include in your home décor.

6. Minimalism

Minimalism is modern décor made even simpler. Minimalism has been the #1 trend in wholesale home décor for over a decade now. Typically, this theme uses neutral color palettes, complemented by simple furniture and accessories. A minimalist home décor strategy encourages homeowners to think about the design layout, trading in flamboyance for function.

7. Scandinavian

Scandinavian wholesale home décor uses simple, understated colors with Nordic-influenced pieces. For this home décor style, it often pulls from monochrome colors like white, gray and black. A unique style, the Scandinavian look uses natural elements like wood in its furniture and accessories. Scandinavian décor tends to be very functional and organic.

8. Contemporary

A contemporary style is less of a strictly defined term. Contemporary décor pulls from several styles and looks a lot broader in scope. You tend to find trendy design interpretations under this home décor theme. When combined with modern décor, a contemporary style can look extraordinary in any home.

9. Industrial

When we hear the term ‘industrial’, we might think of words like warehouses, metals, and heavy woods. These descriptors are fairly accurate in highlighting the features of industrial home décor. The aesthetic of industrial décor is represented by stylized raw materials. Materials like brick or wood are commonly used in furniture and accessories.

10. Rustic

Rustic wholesale home décor uses natural, raw materials with an unfinished look. Wood and stone are the most popular options. The rawness is decorative, purposed to be a feature in the room where an item sits. The beauty about a rustic style is that it doesn’t usually clash with other décor themes. As a result, the rustic look is easy to blend in amongst more expensive furnishings and accessories.

11. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic originated in the late 1980s and into the 1990s. It uses distressed fabrics, antique accessories, weathered materials, and various muted tones. The shabby chic style favors home décor with a lived-in appearance. Shabby chic is all over HGTV home décor programming and used often in real estate staging.

12. Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is over-the-top luxury. Although the style is too opulent for most homes, some use Hollywood glam décor to present statement-making drama in certain areas. Think bold color palettes or Victorian-era elements. Hollywood glam is meant to be extravagant, but it can be combinable with other décor styles as well.

13. Coastal

Coastal décor is one of the fastest-growing trends in modern home decorating. It blends airy beachside color palettes with neutral shades leaning heavily on blues. The coastal theme uses wood, steel, and other natural materials. You may see striped patterns and painted white wood in a room that has coastal décor.

14. Tropical

The tropical style walks a fine line between exciting and cliché. Tropical home décor uses textures and colors from beaches, forests, and destinations in warmer climates. Muted seagrass and other natural materials are common to crafting a tropical décor look. For this style, you also rely heavily on tropical plant iconography as well.

15. Artistic

Artistic home décor can be described as eclectic and colorful. It uses certain elements of maximalism with a whimsical approach to decorating a space. Artistic home décor is versatile and can pull from anywhere as inspiration. As a home décor theme, it can look wild, patterned, rhythmic, colorful, and beautifully chaotic.