Zip Your Way Into the World of Zippers

Zippers are probably the most universally used fastening devices in the world. You can see them pretty much everywhere, from your clothes, to luggage, outdoor equipment, and so much more. Many people ignore zippers but the truth is that they are very critical items in the fashion and sewing industry.

Introduction to Zippers

Zippers were invented by Elias Howe way back in 1851 before being perfected in the later part of 19th century and early 20th century by Whitcomb L. Judson. However, it was only until 1913 that Gideon Sundback finally perfected the modern zipper’s design which was referred to as clasp locker by then. The term zipper was officially coined in 1923 and it continued to gain popularity all over the world. Zippers are much preferred over buttons because of their simplicity, durability, and practicality. In today, buttons and zippers both stand side by side as the widely used fastening materials.

Since then, the zipper has gone through major developments, coming in numerous functionalities, types, and styles. Every variety has various parts that construct it. These may result to confusion if you are shopping for zipper because there are a lot of types available right now, all of which have their own functionalities.

Zippers Here, There and Everywhere

Zippers are used on a daily basis. Not only on trousers and jackets, zippers these days can also be commonly seen on laptop cases, tool bags, tents, handbags, luggage, and many other kinds of equipment. There are a lot of types of zippers available that no matter where or on what you might need it for, you can expect to find one that suits your needs. There are special zippers for babies to avoid skin irritation, invisible zippers for high end dresses, and so much.

Despite being very important, people outside sewing and fashion industry often take it for granted. But, with its long and interesting history, there is no denying that zippers are here to stay. Make sure to click here for custom zippers.