Women’s Fashion: Seven Must-Haves for Winter

Summer is the season where we can get away with wearing pretty much anything if we want to show off our unique fashion sense.  But when winter comes around, how can you fight the cold weather and still look stylish?  With a few winter wardrobe staples, you can still look as cool as the temperature.

Statement Coat

First thing’s first, you know you will need a coat no matter what, so this is definitely top of the list.  But don’t just go for the standard black duffel coat that every other person is wearing, go for something more colorful so that you really stand out.  Pinks, reds, and even golds can take your look from drab to glam.

Cashmere Sweater

Every woman’s wardrobe needs a cashmere sweater.  Shop the women’s cashmere sweater section and ditch the hoodies and workout sweaters because cashmere just screams style.  It also cannot be beaten in comfort, quality, and versatility, as it pairs well with everything from jeans, to leather pants and midi skirts.

Over the Knee Boots

Footwear is a tough one in the winter.  You want something functional, yet you definitely don’t want to give in and choose a pair of rubber boots! Over the knee boots are the perfect solution as they provide the perfect combination of chicness and warmth.  You can wear them with jeans for a dressed down look or with a skirt or dress in the evening if you want to look glam.

Knitted Jumper Dress

As long as you have a few pairs of pantyhose to go with them, a knitted dress or two can be the perfect go-to outfit in the winter.  They are simple and easy enough to throw on, yet they come in a variety of designs,so your day-to-day outfit needs never look the same.  You also don’t have to worry about what shoes you are going to wear since knitted jumper dresses go with everything.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the perfect winter wardrobe staple.  Choose dark denim or even black with a pair of ankle boots and the statement coat you bought earlier, and you will look effortlessly on-trend.  Skinny jeans help to show off your figure too, which is always a bonus when you have multiple layers on top.


Although you may not have considered a winter hat as an essential when you are trying to look good, don’t forget that there are stylish options out there.  A fedora is considered to be a dress hat, but considering it is usually made from wool or felt, it is the perfect addition to any winter outfit.

Wrap Scarf

When you don’t have time to put together a catwalk-worthy winter outfit, a blanket wrap scarf is an effortless addition that can be thrown over any ensemble.  And as there are many ways to wear them, you can get away with wearing them every day if you wish!

What do you consider a winter wardrobe essential?  Let us know in the comments.