Why should you get eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions could be a glamorous, albeit costly, affair to intensify the natural lashes without any mascara or false lashes. The lashes that are applied individually can look astonishingly natural. Minus the time and the expense, Lash extensions help you wake up every morning looking gorgeous.

If you are looking for reasons to get eyelash extensions this article can tell you about all the perks eyelash extensions come with.

They look stunning 

When done properly, eyelash extensions, such as those from ilashas, make the lashes look thick and long, fluttery, and full all the time. Unlike the fake eyelashes, the lash extensions, you get the princess lashes every morning with zero effort.

You don’t need mascara now

That’s correct. No more stressing that the eyelashes on one eye look better. With eyelash extensions, mascara is something you never knew existed. This also means it saves you time. So you don’t have to waste your precious time in applying the mascara and then removing it.

Eyelash extensions can be customized

Whether you like the natural look or like going all dramatic, your eyelash extensions are customizable and they can fit the look you desire. Talk to a lash artist to achieve your eyelash goals. They will modify the curl pattern, color, and length to fulfill your expectations.

The application process is pretty painless

If applied correctly, you never feel any pain wearing the eyelash extensions or applying them. 

They can resist water 

After applying for the extensions, you need to keep them dry for at least 48 hours. Once you can manage to do that, you can sweat, shower, and swim with eyelash extensions. Nonetheless, if you keep them dry they will last longer.

The application process is safe

Experts, including estheticians and dermatologists, assert that having extensions applied is safe if the lash artist you are dealing with is a licensed professional.

They’re immediately gratifying

Eyelash extensions give you the gorgeous eyelashes you desire with just one appointment. You don’t need to bother putting on any mascara or fear the mascara smearing, running, and flaking. They save you valuable time. A lot of people think that since eyelash extensions look so good on their own, they don’t mind foregoing make-up every morning. 

They last for a few months and sometimes more

Normally, eyelash extensions look good for at least 2 or 3 weeks, however, they will slowly start falling out. With timely fills, the eyelash extensions can last indefinitely.

You must be cautious in taking good care of the eye area post eyelash extensions application and have timely touch-ups after every two or three weeks and your eyelash extensions will hold up very nicely. 

Eyelash extensions are worth all your money, provided you take good care. It boils down to time allotment, your budget, and adherence to the guidelines. Following the suggestions of experts at the salon will help boost your chances of keeping your eyelashes intact for long. Take good care of them and you will love yourself every time you look in the mirror!