Why Invest in a Tuxedo Purchase?

In the past few years, there’s always been a debate about owning or renting a tuxedo. Others may prefer renting because it’s cheaper. These tuxes are suits that have satin with traditional pocket trims, buttons, lapels, and a side stripe on the trousers. On the other hand, some suits don’t incorporate any satin, and they are usually made with plastic buttons.

Most of the modern tuxedos have minimal satin with thin beads and trims on their pant legs. Still, the primary difference between a tux from a suit is the satin factor and, of course, there are some rare exceptions to this rule.

For men, they can wear these expensive suits at parties, weddings, proms, meetings, and more They are traditionally worn with cummerbund and bow ties. An exception is the white dinner jacket with a turn-down collar shirt coupled with black pants and accessories. If you have decided that a tux is a suitable choice for you, the question now is whether it’s time to invest in it or rent something out for a party. 

Know that today, you can buy an on-trend and classic tux for the same price as what you would have paid for renting it. Check out The Tailory bespoke suits for custom wear that’s unique to your physique, style, and size. The other advantage of getting your unique suit is that there are no 30 people who have worn it before you, and everything is brand new. The low-end price is approximately $200, while the designer clothing can be as much as $5,000 or more. 

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Tux

You Can Save More when you Own One

You can save a lot when you own a tux that you can use at various parties at any time you want. This is proven with simple arithmetic. 

As an example, you may need to wear this suit at least six times for the next three years. The average rental costs of all the garments involved, including the shoes, shirts, and suits, are about $150. The breakdown is $20 for the boots, $20 for the shirt, and $150 for the tux. In some shops, you can spend only about $288 to buy all of these. The average price is $179 for the tuxedo, $60 for a brand-new pair of shoes, and $49 for the shirt.

Over a period of three years, you can rack up costs that are the following:

Rental – $190

Owning – $25 for dry cleaning services after wearing = $150 for six occasions


Rent: $190 x 6 = $1,140

Own: $150 + $288 = $438

You can save at least 61% on average in the next three years that you’ve owned the tux. Even if you’re now convinced and may be rushing to buy today from a local tailor shop, here are other reasons why you should own one.

More Convenience

When you rent, you’re usually required to return the garment at a specifically agreed time. It can be the following morning, and you may have slept in because you’ve consumed too much alcohol the night before. The morning after you’ve rented is especially meant to get some extra sleep and not wait for the alarm clock’s shrill to wake you up.

Getting your very own suits will mean that you don’t have to worry about extra late fees or fret about mail-back options. You can do the dry-cleaning the next weekend when you’re free, and there’s no one to call you when you don’t return the garments.

No Worn Looks

You may want to check your closet and inspect those garments that you might have worn 40 times. The reality is that your suit will not look like dozens of other people have worn it. Your friends and families will notice that the suit is worn, and you may be wearing something shabby at a party.

Even if you choose the most expensive and high-quality suits, there’s still the dry-cleaning process that will follow. Some of the details may get damaged if they are frequently going to the cleaners, but this won’t happen if you have a tux of your own. Get more information about a tuxedo on this site here.

In essence, you don’t count as the 20th person who has worn the rental outfit, and if you want to look like a professional and influential businessman in a big event, it makes much more sense to purchase.

Most of the Rentals Require Hemming

You might not think that you don’t have to make alterations to the suits, but this is not the case at all. Most of these rentals may require hemming, and if you’re not aware of this, you may be quickly looking for a tailor on the morning of your wedding. This is if you don’t have any idea how to sew.

Breaking Means Buying

If anything happened to the tuxedo while you’re renting it, know that you have to pay a fee or be required to buy it for at least $300. This means that you will get something that others have worn before, and it might not even be a complete fit for you.

Instead of worrying about your wedding for fear of ripping the seams, getting your brand-new tuxedo means that you can dance the night away. You can move as much as you like because the size is customized for you, and you can also use it on other parties.

Keep it as Memento

Many brides tend to keep their wedding gowns as mementos hoping that their daughters will wear them when the time comes. Even if they don’t have the same size as your body, the tailors are always willing to make several alterations so everything will fit. So, why don’t you also do the same for your son?

Getting the Right Size is Challenging

If you decide on a rental, it can be challenging to find the perfect fit for you. Depending on the brands, the sizes will vary, and there’s a bigger chance someone has already rented the suit you usually get. This can be a pretty big disappointment when your friend’s party is tomorrow, and the others are not the right size for you.