Where Can You Sail on a Yacht From Chicago?

Chicago is a city of firsts. It has the first national skyscraper and the first historic routes. The history that Chicago carries comes with its culture. Die hard sports fans and foodies will make a heaven of this city.

But what about travelers?

It’s not surprising to see the Windy City as one of the famous yachting destinations. You can enjoy amazing firework cruises, shoreline sightseeings, and special events on the water.

Want to dibble and dabble? Here are some of the best places you can sail to on a yacht from Chicago:

  • Louis

There’s nothing better than long day cruises, exploring the highlights of the Illinois River. By booking with a yacht rental Chicago, you will get on board to a variety of beautiful ports on the city’s luxury vessels.

This is the ultimate relaxation and adventure combined.

On your cruise, you’ll discover the hospitality of the quaint river towns  and historic ports, which are some of the oldest in Europe. There’s so much to be excited for right from your destination.

  • Virgin Islands

Whether you’re looking for a luxury champagne sunset ride, some snorkeling and sail adventure or want to discover the Baths of Virgin Gorda, getting on a yacht from Chicago to Virgin Island is the best way to do it.

Anywhere from seven to ten nights, your cruise will depart from Chicago. On your way there, you could take a detour to amazing ports and sightings. It’s the best way to go when looking for unforgettable adventures.

  • Cape May, New Jersey

If you’ve waited long enough to visit Cape May, charting a Yacht is the best way to go. Discover Cape May right on the water.

With a yacht, you’ll have a close up view of the best sites and attractions along the way. You can witness the sunset from your boat while enjoying all the other goodness the waters can offer.

  • Hilton Head, South Carolina

Rent a yacht in Chicago and enjoy a scenic trip to South Carolina. No matter how you’re sailing, the views are unmatched. The best part about this yacht is that it comes with a lot of sightseeing.

You’ll not be disappointed by what the surroundings have to offer as soon as you leave your port. It’s the perfect way to have an adventure and relax, all at the same time. Needless to say. It’s the best way to travel.

From Chicago, you can also sail to other places like Croatia, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

Important Tips For Sailing on a Yacht from Chicago

  • Research the port in advance

Even if you’re a Chicago native, you may not know what your cruise entails. Before setting off, it’s best to research what you should expect.

Find out what you can carry and what may not be allowed. Familiarize with the departure times and any other relevant information. Cruise lines rarely go over handing out a map of the port.

  • Don’t be the first to rush off the boat in port

Just like getting off an airplane, when the boat pulls into the port, it always feels like half of the passengers are waiting to alight. It’s chaotic and actually not exciting standing around waiting for the boat to disembark.

Take a deep breath and let the crowd pass. You don’t want to spend time pushing around on other passengers. Take your time. After all, the boat is on dock.

Also consider the time. There’s no use to rush off early in the morning just to come back to the boat when you realize nothing is open. Don’t be that cruiser.

  • Do Your Research When It Comes to Weather

This goes without saying! As the weather is ever increasing lately, it pays to do weather research before your trip. Today, wet seasons and dry seasons are changing frequently.

Also, you may not have the same weather from one port to the next. So don’t forget to have your jacket nearby regardless of the weather. When you do your die diligence, you’ll stay prepared and know how to dress for the trip.

Rent Away!

Renting a yacht means that you can enjoy the best destinations on a reasonable budget. We provide a great array of options for the boat experience that you desire.

We’ll always arrange the perfect sail that meets your needs. If you’re looking for a yacht rental company that stands out, don’t look any further!