Tips About Dress Etiquette for Mother of the Groom

As the mother of the groom, you need to look outstanding as many eyes will also on you. That’s why you should not decide what to wear at your son’s wedding carelessly. Yes, the crowd will notice you, and you must make the groom proud.

The weird concept that the parents of the couple should dress matronly in stuffy heels has phased out. Living in a tasteful and fashionable age, you should naturally and gorgeously look terrific and elegant at your son’s wedding.

These modern days, anything beautiful counts, whether short or long dress, formal gowns, skirt, and jacket ensemble. Make sure it matches the wedding style and is not color-clashing and overdressing. Sometimes, the bride may ask you and her mom to decide on the style and color of your wears.

Below are some tips on dress etiquette for you as the mother of the groom:

Who to include in your shopping experience

You should include the bride and her mother as well as your son when planning your dress. Traditionally, most brides would like you to consult them before purchasing any clothing at all. Many people believe that the mother of the bride should buy hers first and then notify you to choose a gown to match her pattern and color. Where the bride’s mom is delaying in calling, you can take the initiative and call her. It doesn’t matter who made the call. From their opinions, you can gauge their comfort levels and decide. Create a room in your mind to find a middle ground if there is any disagreement in ideas. The occasion is not a competition, and there are bound to be differences in everyone’s style. When you discuss the fashion plan together, you are sure to move in the right direction.

What color you should wear

Dull colors are no longer fashionable these days. So you will need to avoid them. Have a conversation with the bride on the possible colors to choose from. Don’t fix your mind on any particular color before the conversation. If you do, there may be a disagreement if your color clashes with her choice.

Who to match your color

Your color may not necessarily match that of the mother of the bride. Also, avoid matching the color of your wear to that of the bride completely. If you must stand out, you should never choose white. Your color can match that of the bridesmaids without being the exact color. You can make your color to be a complementary, lighter, or darker than that of the bridal train. Your dress color will also depend on the wedding style. Variations in the colors will make the occasion more glamorous. Except when the wedding is formal, you should avoid black. If the wedding is a formal one, gold, black, and dark silver will be appropriate.

When to start shopping for your wears

We recommend that you shop for your wears after concluding discussions with the bride, her mother, and possibly your son. The earlier you have your shopping done, the better. Putting all factors considerations, you should endeavor not to fall behind schedule. Some factors to consider include shipment – when you order online for custom made, amendments or alterations, and unforeseen delays. An ideal deadline for purchasing your wear should be two months from the date of the wedding.

What your dress length should be

There are certain things about your personality that should determine the length of your wear. One of them is your body built and stature. Others include the venue for the wedding, the time of the day, and even the dress code for the wedding. The most important factor in determining the length of your wear is the style of the wedding. For formal weddings, you should go for full-length or floor-length gowns as the mother of the groom. However, for semi-formal or cocktail weddings, which are casual, you can go for a cocktail style or a tea-length gown. Nevertheless, it is still within your personal decision to set the length of the dress you wish to wear. The choice will still revolve around your comfort.


No matter the wedding style, venue, or time, the great fulfillment you will have in attending your son’s wedding will be priceless. Choose a comfortable dress and make the day worthwhile for yourself and the proud groom. It is not the cost of what you wear according to cabotine collection but the joy of feeling very beautiful in that dress. No matter your body shape and type, crave to wear that dress that will beautify as well as distinguish you as the mother of the groom. Don’t forget; many eyes will be on you too. Give them something to see!