The Ultimate Guide to Nail Salons

If you have never been to a nail salon before, you probably don’t know the terms, etiquette, and standard practices. This article provides a nail salon guide to help you get the most out of your trip. 

How much can I expect to pay?

A manicure costs on average $25, and a pedicure costs about $30. However, gel nail polish and acrylics cost extra – $15 for fingernails and another $15 for toenails or more. Gel polish makes the color last much longer, so it can be worth upgrading to gel.

You also have to factor in a tip. If you had good service, it is standard to tip between $5 and $10. For excellent service, you can tip 25%.

How often should I go to the nail salon?

It is entirely up to you how often you go to the local nail salon St George. To maintain a basic manicure, you should go about every two or three weeks. If you don’t mind your nails getting a little grown out, you can stretch the time in between salon visits. 

Should I remove my polish?

You don’t have to remove your polish. Nail salon techs usually don’t mind taking off your old polish, and most places have nail polish remover that is much quicker at removing old polish than what you likely have at home.

Should I cut my nails before I go to the nail salon?

It is best if you do not cut your nails before you go to the nail salon. 

Nail techs have a certain way that they cut nails so that each nail is the same. If you trim your nails, the nail tech may have to cut your nails shorter than they need to be or file the nails so that they aren’t crooked.

Should I shave my legs?

If you are getting a pedicure, it is up to you to shave your legs or not. Remember that some pedicures include a calf massage, so you may be more comfortable if you shave beforehand.

Can I play on my phone during my pedicure?

What you do during your pedicure is up to you. It is not considered rude to bring a book or play on your phone during your nail salon visit. Getting a pedicure is your chance to relax however you want to. You can even take a nap!

There are specific unwritten rules for getting your nails done at a salon. However, most nail techs are laid back and understanding. A salon is a place for relaxation, so don’t get stressed about the little things.