The Dos and Don’ts of Proper Polo Shirt Etiquette

Men’s polo shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing that any man can wear to a broad range of events such as dates, sporting events, church meetings, and barbeques. These days, polo shirts for men are so functional that some even wear them to office meetings and other formal events with a custom fit tailored blazer. For an ultimate dapper gentleman’s look, follow this polo shirt dos and don’ts to help you look stylish and not sloppy. With the right polo shirt etiquette, you will look sleek and sophisticated for any occasion.

Do Try-On for a Good Fit

Your polo shirts must be fitted, but they must never fit too tight. Clearly, you want to avoid feeling stiff and uncomfortable the whole day. The trick is to be able to squeeze in one finger in between your biceps easily. If you can’t stick a finger up there, that means its too tight. In contrast, if there is a lot of slack and room to grow, then you must size down. The key is to have your polo shirt drape ever so gently over your body. The right fit is critical to looking classy and well-kept.

Don’t Layer Shirts

A properly fitting polo shirt skims the body and doesn’t hug it. Instead, it shows your delectable form in all its glory. Putting an undershirt beneath your polo defeats this purpose. There is simply no room for another shirt as it will cause your polo to crumple in the collar area and to slip under the sleeve. Polo shirts are not constructed for layering with undershirts. They must also never be worn with another polo, which seems to be a fad these days. No matter how tempted you are to put two contrasting shirts together, resist the urge, for it’s a big fashion don’t!

Do Tailor Them to Your Height

The last thing you want is to appear as if you are wearing a shirt dress. When not tucked into your pants, the bottom end of polo shirts for men must not go beyond the middle portion of your bum. This portion will make you feel uncomfortable when it is tucked in. If you do decide to leave it untucked, the proportions will not look nice at all. Moreover, you must avoid a longer back-end called tennis tails if you choose to leave your polo shirt untucked because it doesn’t look neat and presentable.

Don’t Pop Your Collar

The fashion trend of popping that collar has long come and gone, so get with the program and avoid popping it up. If you want to maintain a pristine and classic look, use the collar for what it is intended for and keep it down. If you want to protect your neck area, wear sunscreen.

Do Use Shirts with a Discreet Logo

Polo shirts are known for having tiny logos on the right breast. Recently, there have been large logos in eye-popping contrasting colors that scream for attention. It is best to leave these extra-large logos if you want to look professional. Stick to the classy and traditional standard of a discreet logo.

Bottom Line

Polo shirts for men are a classic closet staple that will never go out of style. They are comfortable to wear and work well for any occasion. If you want to keep your classy and stylish look, be sure to keep an assortment of polo colors and brands in your closet. You can never go wrong with a well-fitting, comfy polo shirt!

Author:  Jessica Ellen