The Best Perfumes That You Should Be Wearing Now

You could be dressed in the most expensive fabrics and decked in the most decadent jewels but if you aren’t wearing perfume, you will always have that nagging feeling that something is missing. Perfume has fascinated us for as long as we can remember and it’s not surprising that perfume is now a 31-billion-dollar industry globally. With literally thousands of perfumes available, choosing the best perfume brand can be overwhelming. However, there are standouts, thanks to their quality, reliability, and yes, their scents. Here are Scent Split’s top perfume brands:

Calvin Klein, CK One

No mention of the Calvin Klein perfume line is ever complete without a nod to its highly popular CK One. Launched in 1994, the citrus-chypre fragrance became a bestseller for the brand, bringing as much as $90 million yearly by the mid 90s. It was marketed as a unisex brand, the kind that everyone can wear. It is one of the most outstanding scents of its kind, having retained its appeal despite the passage of time.

While the number of notes used for this scent may seem like overkill, the perfume is far from it. The noses behind CK One are Henry Fremons and Alberto Morillas and what they created is a marvel of balance that still enchants men, women, and everybody in between and beyond to this day.

Chanel, Chanel No. 5

Chanel holds the distinction of being the design house with the most iconic perfume of all – Chanel No. 5. Created in 1921 by French couturier/fashion icon Coco Chanel herself with master perfumer Ernest Beaux, Chanel No. 5 became a pioneer in the world of scents. It was the first perfume made to appeal to the more liberated, spirited women. It is also the first perfume to bravely use a higher number of aldehydes. This, along with the scent of rose, vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood, made the perfume an instant hit. It is a feminine fragrance that smelled of confidence, assertiveness, secrecy, and beauty. 

The bottle design was also considered revolutionary at the time. Before 1921, perfume bottles featured more elaborate lines and colors. Coco Chanel herself wanted what she termed as an “invisible bottle” that was simple and clean but stunningly classy. Today, Chanel No. 5 is still one of the world’s top scents, loved by young and old. 

Guerlain, Shalimar

Shalimar was created by the legendary Jacques Guerlain in 1921. Since the name was disputed by another company, the perfume was called No. 90 until after the dispute was settled. Shalimar was popular among flappers, which helped enhance its image as a scent for “bad girls”. There is no doubt that Shalimar is a legend and one of the scents considered a true great. Rich, decadent, voluptuous, Shalimar was inspired by the gardens of Pakistan and is unabashedly romantic. 

Dior, Miss Dior

Many perfumes have been created by the House of Dior but if there is one that has become a hands-on favorite, it’s Miss Dior. This scent was reportedly the result when Christian Dior himself asked for a perfume that “smelled of love”. The light floral fragrance is lively but sensual and bold at the same time. It combines Italian mandarin, rose, Egyptian jasmine, musk, and patchouli to create one of Dior’s most feminine perfumes.

Diptyque, Do Son

Do Son proved to be so popular that it has become one of the most craved-for fragrances to get on Diptyque’s waitlist, simply because it is frequently sold out. Launched in 2005, Do Son is still a relative newbie, but it has since carved out its own niche in the perfume market. A white floral and tuberose fragrance blended with citrus and animalic, Do Son is a feminine fragrance that never fails to surprise and fascinate. 

Annick Goutal (now Goutal Paris), Songes and Eau d’Hadrien

Annick Goutal’s perfume house was established in 1981. A gifted nose, Goutal created some of the world’s most complex and enchanting perfumes. Two of her beauties include Songes and Eau d’Hadrien. Songes (French for dreams) is what many would call a romantic fragrance. It is rich, sensual, and poetic, anchored by white flowers, creamy French vanilla, and woodsy, powdery accords. 

The aromatic Eau d’Hadrien, on the other hand, is made for both men and women. A citrus aromatic, the fragrance features a crisp, light opening, reminiscent of a spring breeze. It also has a touch of sweetness and this lovely combination of tart and sweet that makes it perfect for all sexes.

Byredo, Mojave Ghost

Inspired by the expansive Mojave Desert, Mojave Ghost is a floral-woody fragrance launched in 2014. The blend of perfumes from this brand can be classified as eclectic and its offerings have built a strong fanbase. Mojave Ghost is one of the brand’s standout scents, magically combining magnolia, sandalwood, musk, ambrette, violet, and cedarwood into what is likely going to become an iconic perfume.

Tom Ford, Oud Wood and Black Orchid

There is always F*cking Fabulous but these two, Oud Wood and Black Orchid are the brand’s most in-demand scents. Oud Wood is a fantastically elegant and intense fragrance, blended as a scent that leans more toward the masculine. Black Orchid, a hit when it first came out, is destined to become one of Tom Ford’s most iconic fragrances. It conjures images of luxury and opulence and while it is dark, it is rich and timeless, like the rare flower it was named after.