Learn About Fashion Designer Mary Quant

Mary Quant in 1966 wearing a minidress

In our previous article about the History of the Miniskirt, we’ve mentioned that the fashion designer credited for inventing the modern miniskirt in 1964 was Mary Quant. She was able to make a revolutionary garment that became an instant hit among young women. It has also given way for women to express … Read more

What Were Rah-Rah Skirts?

woman wearing a rah-rah skirt

In our article about the History of the Mini Skirt, we’ve mentioned that the rah-rah skirt was a hot fashion trend during the 1980s, and it was one of the successful attempts in bringing back the miniskirt. The miniskirt is actually an old idea whose time has come again thanks to two … Read more

History of the Mini Skirt

History of the Mini Skirt

Miniskirts have now become a common sight in developed countries, especially the United States of America. While this garment might have created controversy at several points, many women insist on wearing it in order to maintain a fashionable look. Of course, the wearing of the miniskirt has also been a rebellious statement … Read more